Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Living Room Refresh - Quick Tips for an Update

 Update your Throw Pillows

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One simple way to update your living room is by updating the throw pillows in your space. Pillows are easy to swap out every couple of years since they do not have to be a huge investment. People’s taste in patterns and styles tend to change and evolve over the years so something like a chevron pillow you may have loved 5 years ago, may feel a bit dated now. Mixing solids with patterns and textures is a good way to add dimension and personality to your pillows!  

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Change up your Accessories

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Another easy tip to refresh your living room is to change up your accessories. This is another one that will not break the bank! Simply take down all of the accessories you have placed around the room so you can rearrange and reevaluate what you may want to put away or relocate and replace with something new! Simple things like these can change the look of your space in a bigger way than you may think!

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Lastly, try rearranging the furniture you currently have in your living room. Simply changing the layout of a room can bring all new life into the space. You may find the way you’ve had it for years wasn't the best possible layout after all! Best of all, this refresh wont cost you a dime!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Bedroom Refresh - Quick Tips for an Update

New Area Rug

Adding an area rug to your bedroom or updating the one you’ve had for a while is a quick and easy way to update your space. Even if your bedroom is carpeted, adding an area rug on top adds color, dimension and even added warmth! Check out the diagram below for how to choose the correct rug size for your bedroom!


Closet Organization


Many times, our bedrooms are the last thing we think about cleaning or straightening up since we spend so much of our time if other rooms like the kitchen or the living room. Although this isn't the most fun way to refresh your bedroom, it will be one you will not regret. Adding closet organization will make your space be more functional and motivate you to keep it clean and organized which is always tough.


Updated Lamps

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Table lamps and floor lamps add so much warmth into your space and they are a key component in creating the style you are going for in your bedroom. You may have had the same lamps for years and years and by simply updating these for new ones you can make a beautiful statement! One common mistake people make is choosing lamps that are too small. These photos show examples of nicely proportioned lamps in relation to the nightstands and bed size.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Kitchen Refresh - Quick Tips for an Update

Stainless Steel Appliances


Swapping to stainless steel appliances can drastically update the look of your kitchen. This is by far the largest investment of our kitchen update tips but it is one that will not only make your kitchen look beautiful and updated, it would also be a HUGE selling point when it comes time to sell your house. 

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Cabinet Hardware Update

One of the simplest and most affordable ways to quickly update your kitchen is by updating the hardware on your kitchen cabinets. Whether that means switching from brass to brushed nickel or bronze, or simply updating the style of your handles it can make a big impact with little investment. 

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New Backsplash


Another large impact that can be made in your kitchen is by adding or updating the current backsplash. The backsplash can truly set the tone for the rest of your space whether you want it to be clean and simple like a subway tile, or make a statement with something like a Moroccan tile. Making this update will change the entire look and feel of your kitchen! 

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Whats Hot in Decor for 2018

Indoor Greenery


With the new year comes a fresh look at home decor and hot trends as well! Greenery has become a very popular trend in home decor recently and we are about to see it take off even more in 2018! You can use this trend in a small and subtle manner or you can take it all the way, whatever fits your style! These are some examples of different directions you can go with your indoor greenery. 

Black and White


Black and white will always be the most classic and timeless color duos. It does come and go when it comes to a “trending” style and it is in full swing right now. Although it will always be a gorgeous pairing, there are ways to keep it fresh and updated. One big trend with black and white right now are white spindles with black handrail and steps. This looks very chic and can go with most any decor style. 


Oversized Florals


Florals are one of those patterns that come in and out of the decor world like a cycle. The version of florals that are big for 2018 are oversized, bold florals with a highly contrasting background. Some examples of where you can implement this trend are on an accent wall with wallpaper, or on throw pillows!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Time for a Change

You may have been following along with our teases on Instagram regarding our re-brand. We are so happy to finally announce it is official that your friends at Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors are now PDR Interiors! Along with our streamlined name, we have updated the logo and the website as well! Throughout the years, our brand has matured and so has our work & we thought it was time our logo and website caught up! We have been working on this update for quite a while and we hope you all love it as much as we do!


The colors in our new logo are navy and gray, a classic and clean combination that we feel represents us well. You’ll also notice we’ve added a greek key emblem to the logo as well. This is a symbol that is seen in a lot of decor items and also acts as a nod to our niche market among the Greek (Sorority) community. Its also a motif we love to incorporate into our designs as it is both a classic and beautiful pattern. 

Same Team New Look

Fear not! It is the same team here at PDR and our services have not changed in the slightest. We are here to help clients bring their design goals to life just as we always have! Thank you all for joining us on this amazing journey and supporting us every step of the way. 

Check out a write up on the re-brand on The Lane Report > https://www.lanereport.com/84688/2017/12/emerging-lane-new-businesses-that-give-back/