Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First place ROCKS!

We all love to be recognized for our hard work, dedication, and talent—and that’s why we were so THRILLED to hear the news that the house that Polka Dots & Rosebuds designed with builder Mike Childers took first place in ALL categories of the $700K-$900K price range of the 2013 Grand Tour of Homes in Lexington, Kentucky!
The competition categories that were affected by our design included:

  • Kitchen
  • Master suite
  • Interior Features
  • Overall design.  
Because many of our readers live in far away locations, and/or were busy with other things during the 2013 Grand Tour of Homes, we thought we’d share a few more Grand Tour pics on our blog. So...with no further ado, except maybe a bit of a drum they are. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grand Tour

Take a Grand Tour!
One of the coolest things about designing for a "Tour of Homes" home is that I get to challenge myself to:  #1.  Create a design that blends well with the builder's style and overall vision and #2. Give as many people as possible a "WOW!" moment.  Then, of course, there's goal #3: Design something that the potential home owner will love, love, LOVE! 
Stop by 208 Grassland Park in the Ellerslie subdivision off Richmond Road during the 2013 Grand Tour of Homes in Lexington (July 13-14, 20-21), and you can check out the results of my most recent challenge.  Some things to look for:
*The builder, Mike Childers, is known for creating "homes of distinction"--and each time I made a selection, I kept that in mind. 
*As far as the "WOW!" moment goes--visitors will find plenty of them, but the master bathroom is probably going to be a favorite.  It's so inviting that it will make everyone wish they lived there--just so they could have a long, luxurious soak in the tub!
*I know the future homeowners are going to absolutely love the light fixtures--they're all so interesting--like small works of art (they're from Ferguson's, just in case you see something that you've just GOT to have in your own home!). To see what I mean, check this one out:

Actually, the whole project makes me very proud. I couldn't stop smiling when I walked through it. That's my favorite part about design- seeing a drawing or idea become something you can touch!
In the neighborhood of Lexington, Kentucky and interested in stopping by today?  Here's the info:  (you can also see more pics by clicking through and entering the address).  And don't forget--the address of the home designed by Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors is 208 Grassland Park.  Enjoy!