Monday, March 31, 2014

Why DIY Needs Great Design

Think your DIY project doesn't need design?  Think again.

When it comes to remodeling and home improvement projects, there are lots of great reasons for "doing it ourselves" -- to save money, express our creativity, and to turn our personal visions into reality.   Design can help DIY-ers achieve all 3 goals.  Here's how:

  • DIY is all about getting great results without spending a lot of dollars.  In fact, the REALLY great DIY projects make it look like you’ve spent $500 instead of $50.  Good instructions—especially when it comes to design—increase the likelihood that you’ll reach that level of greatness, and enjoy stunning results.
  • Yes, you’re proud to be a DIY-er.  BUT—you don’t really want your projects to shout “Amateur!”—right?  Instead, your ultimate goal is to create DIY projects that look as professional as possible.  That’s where interior design comes in—as the smartest first step any DIY-er can take.                                    
  • The best DIY-ers know that  even when we have a detailed vision of our dream room or space, turning that vision into reality can be uber-challenging.  That's why a great set of instructions--the type of detailed instructions that are included as part of a professional interior design consultation, or, as part of an Out of the Box Room Design space plan--can make the difference between success and failure on just about every level:  sticking to a budget, meeting deadlines, and even fitting space requirements.    

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Do it Yourself Design: It's a Numbers Game

Do it Yourself Design:  It’s a Numbers Game

Three piece suits, 3rd time’s a charm, and knock 3 times (especially if you’re Sheldon Cooper).  
We like to play around with numbers—but when you’re working on a DIY project, numbers aren’t just for fooling around—they can make a huge difference your success.   
Here’s a 1,2,3 example: 

1.       ONE can be a lonely number, but it’s a GREAT number when it comes to the number of oversized art pieces and area rugs that you incorporate into your room’s design.    
Instead of overwhelming your room with a little TOO much of a wow factor, keep it simple, and you’ll ensure that results are stunning—in a GOOD way.

2.       TWO lamps are better than one.  It’s a fact—lamps work great in pairs.  A pair of lamps work great on sofa tables,  and on either end of a sofa.  Have a beautiful buffet in your dining room?  Place a matching lamp on either end, and you’ll love the look!
3-5.  THREE (to five).  According to folklore, science, and even the New York Times, "three is a magic number--of fairy tale characters, stooges, and even cereal (think Snap, Crackle and Pop)."  The same holds true in design.
Want proof?
Group three accessories together on a bookshelf, three candles on a mantle, and/or three smaller art pieces on a wall, and you'll see what we mean.  Not into three's?  Try a grouping of five pieces--you might not get the same "magic" as Rice Krispies, but you'll still get a great look.  

But keep in mind…when it comes down to it, these are just generalities, and all of these items can work in the various grouping numbers.  Your ultimate goal should be to suit yourself—even if it means breaking a few tried and true “rules of thumb.” 
To learn how you can use professional interior design in your next do it yourself project, visit Out of the Box Room Design.  For more DIY and design tips, click to "Follow" the Out of the Box Room Design DIY by Design blog.