Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Gathering the Facts for your Project- How is the space used?

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Before you begin a project, you need to think about the space's use:
-How do you currently use this space?
-Is that the same way you plan to use it after completing the makeover?
-What are you hoping to accomplish? (ie- changing the space from a guest bedroom to a home office, updating the finishes to make the house more marketable when you choose to sell it, rearranging to make the area more useable, etc)
-Will children (yours or other people’s) be using this space? The fabrics and furnishings in this room will need to be durable and cleanable.  Your home is meant to be used and lived-in, not kept as a museum.  There are plenty of family-friendly furnishings available.  I’ve known of several clients over the years who purchase economically priced furnishings while their children are younger, and then once the kids are of high school or college age, they upgrade to higher quality pieces.  You know your family and what is right for them, choose your furnishings accordingly.
-Will pets use the space? Again, you’ll want to make sure the items within the room are durable and cleanable so no cat claws or dog treats damage your new purchases.

After answering these questions, a spinoff set of questions usually comes up, relating to your plans for the room.  For example- if you are converting a bedroom to a home office- do you have organizational needs? Is the lighting adequate?, etc.  Follow the line of questioning as far as you need to in order to clearly determine the function of the room.  

Join me next week when I talk about determining patterns and colors for your project.


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Gathering the facts for your Project- Timeline

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Now that you've moved past the pain of determining your budget, let's determine your desired timeline. 

Can you imagine ordering a bridesmaid’s dress for your best friend’s wedding and discovering it won’t arrive in time for her big day?!  You must be sure there is ample time to accomplish your home project from start to finish.  Nothing is worse than deciding to update your dining room before the holidays so you can host your family, only to discover your new table can’t be delivered until the Monday after Thanksgiving.  

Furniture can take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to arrive after ordering.  The variable in time has to do with stock levels and whether or not you are customizing the piece.  Be sure to research the manufacturer you are buying from so you know exactly how long of a lead-time to expect.  Just like with budgets, it is best to give yourself a buffer.  Factor in an extra week or two in case any delays occur in manufacturing or shipping.  

Extra Tip- A few timing factors to consider:
-Furniture manufacturers get a rush of business leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas
-These manufacturers also close the week surrounding 4th of July
Be prepared for deliveries to take a little longer than normal around these times of year.

Next week's question focus will be: How is the space used?


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Gathering the Facts for your Project- Budget

Post 2/5 in the series Gathering the Facts for your Project 

You've decided you're ready to redecorate a space...
The next step is figuring out your budget.  It’s so easy to say “oh, I don’t know”.  Or “I’ll spend whatever it takes to get the room done”.  While shopping at the mall or online for a new outfit, you know which retailers to focus on because you are keenly aware of how much you are willing to spend for certain clothing items.  The same will be true when you begin shopping for home furnishings and accessories.  The stores and websites you buy from will be determined by your budget.

You MUST know your financial parameters in order to accurately spend for the space.  I tell clients, “we can spend $800 on a new sofa, or $8000- where do you want to land in that range??”.  This usually evokes a response.  Push yourself to answer this question honestly as it is the key to starting the process on the right foot.  There is no shame in any size budget.  I’ve worked with folks who have $300 to spend on only accessories for a room, and others who have $30,000 to redo their space from top to bottom.  Everyone will have a different budget, and there are plenty of stores that offer items within your price-range.   If you aren't sure where to start when planning a budget, do some online research to see what price ranges of furnishings are out there.  You will quickly be able to determine where you are comfortable spending-wise.  

The upholstery pieces you purchase will take up the bulk of your money.  They will get a lot of us over the years, so you want to make sure they are sturdy and of good quality.  Your casegood pieces (side tables, coffee tables, bookcases, etc) will be the next most expensive category.  If your budget is getting tight, you can afford to lessen the quality of these items since you and your guests won't be sitting on them.

Extra tip- I recommend leaving some cushion room within your budget to allow for unexpected expenses.  You never know what might come up once you start redoing things.

Stay tuned for next week's topic: TIMELINE

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Gathering the facts for your project- The Questions that Serve as your Guide

Post 1/5 in the series Gathering the Facts for your Project 

Before beginning a new project in your home, you have to understand the parameters of the project.  Giving forethought to your project allows your decision- making through the process to be a little easier.  When my team meets with clients for the first time, we ask a myriad of questions.  Their answers to these questions shape how the project will move forward.  We learn so much about a client through their answers, and then are able to use that information to help them in the best way.   Over the course of the next month, we are going to delve into these questions so you are prepared for your next home project.  Each week we will focus on a different question and how to answer it. 

Here's a high level overview of what we will cover:
-What is the budget?
-What is your timeline?
-How is the space used?
-What patterns and colors appeal to you?  

On the surface, these seem like easy questions to answer.  But, when you sit down and start to think them over, they become more difficult.  A lot of factors can weigh into your decision. This can be especially true if you share your home with someone.  Couples often have a hard time agreeing on budget, and style.   My goal is to help you answer these questions so you can use them as your guide for your project.

Check back next week as we jump into everyone's favorite topic: BUDGET!