Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Table Trends for Outdoors

Farmhouse Style

As I am sure most of you already know, farmhouse style has completely taken over the mainstream decor world. What more perfect place to utilize this pretty trend than in your outdoor table? Farmhouse tables fit right in with the outdoor setting and most are already distressed, so a little wear here and there won't hurt a thing!
Two-tone Tables

Another big trend we are seeing in tables both indoors and out are two toned tables. This simply means the table base is a different color or finish than the table top. One of the most popular color duos we are seeing are tables with either white or cream bases with a natural wood top. This has become so popular because getting that bright pop of white or cream on the bottom makes a beautiful statement and you also don't have to worry about keeping a white table top clean. 

Bar Height

Finally, bar height tables are hugely popular in outdoor dining! This is a great way to bring in a height variation to your outdoor space, especially if you also have a lounge area outdoors as well.  This breaks up the monotony of having all of your furniture at the same height. This can also give a more casual feel to the space which is always welcome when we are talking patios!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Seating Trends for Patios



When it comes to choosing seating for your patio, the options are endless. One of the trends in patio seating right now is the use of poufs. These are fabric ottomans or stools that are a little less structured than the average. They are great because you can use them as both seats or footstools. You would need to choose poufs that are made with outdoor fabric so they can withstand the elements. This is a fun place to add a great pop of color or pattern to your space!




For those who need to seat as many as possible on their patio, sectionals are a fantastic option. They allow for maximum seating quantities which is ideal for those with large families or those who entertain frequently. These photos show great examples of outdoor sectional options.


Adirondack Chairs


This oldie but goodie is a classic option for your patio. Adirondack chairs are great, affordable options for seating. They come in all different materials and colors to fit any style! With their great price point, you may be able to swing purchasing more of them than you would a different more expensive chair style. Dress them up with fun, colorful cushions or keep them simple and clean - they are comfortable either way!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Lighting Trends for Patios

String Lights


Outdoor lighting can do wonders to create warmth and ambiance to your space. One of the simplest and most affordable additions you can make to your patio are string lights. Edison bulb string lights are hugely popular right now and can also add a nice vintage feel. 




Lanterns are another great option for patio lighting. There are many different ways to incorporate lanterns into your lighting plan. LED candles or mini sting lights (aka fairy lights) make for great filler options. Lanterns work well when placed together in groups made up of different sizes. You can also hang your lanterns which is a fun option!


Ceiling Fixtures


Ceiling light fixtures aren't just for indoors! As long as your patio is well shielded from the elements, you can bring beautiful, statement making pieces to your patio. Outdoor ceiling fans can also be a hugely functional as well as a nice statement on their own. Other popular ceiling fixtures include lantern or cage style lights.


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

How to Use Rugs Outside and What Type to Look for

Don't be Afraid to go Bright and Bold


When it comes to outdoor decor, the brighter the better! If you are drawn toward these colors but are hesitant to use them inside, here is your chance. These bright, bold colors reflect what you see in nature like flowers, grass and the sky. The above photo shows a great example of a bright, fun outdoor rug!

Durability is Key


Selecting an outdoor rug that is durable needs to be top priority. It may seem like a good idea to have a rug with an all white background after seeing it in a magazine, but once you have it outside for a few weeks you will quickly realize it may not have been the best idea. Its also important to select a rug that is specifically made for outdoor use and includes mold and mildew resistant treatment and/or fade resistant treatment. 

Choose the Right Size for your Area 


Before purchasing a rug for your outdoor area, you want to make sure you get the appropriate size. Take a tape measure out to your seat grouping and test out the different size options for the rug you are interested in i.e. 5’x7’, 8’x10’, 9’x12’ etc. You want to make sure that all of the the front feet on all furniture are on the rug. You can also choose to have all feet on the rug as well.