Monday, June 11, 2012

Tangerine Tango

Tangerine Tango is the hottest color around!  Literally everywhere I look, I see this shade.  I must have tried on a dozen Derby dress contenders in the color.  Every striped article of clothing I see has at least a sliver of the warm orange-red hue in it.  As the color name suggests, it’s bright, energetic, passionate and bold.  Admittedly, I was skeptical about wearing it at first- I’m a fair skinned gal with blonde hair and blue eyes.  I don’t have the luxury of bronzing skin in the summer, so I figured the lovely Tangerine Tango would wash me out.  Au contraire!  This color looks good on everyone (what a rarity!).

Speaking of rarities, colors are not often popular in the home fashion and the apparel industry at the same time.  Typically, a shade hits the fashion scene big and then a season or two later makes its way into home decor.  Once again, this color breaks all the rules.  I have seen Kitchen Aid mixers available in this hot orange shade, bold fabric patterns splashed with it, and wall colors covered in the famed tangerine.  

I’m not sure of it’s staying power, but for the time being Tangerine Tango is THE color to decorate with and wear.  If you’re scared to take the plunge, start small and incorporate the color in your accessories (think handbag or jewelry for fashion and pillows or vases for the home). Happy Tango-ing!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


It’s no secret, I am a boy band connoisseur.  It started in my teenage years and has stuck with me ever since.  While I prefer the musical stylings of Nick Lachey and 98 degrees over those of Backstreet Boys or NSYNC, I am a JT fan (Justin Timberlake, that is).  I was excited to read yesterday about Mr. Timberlake’s newest business venture- HomeMint.

HomeMint is a home decorating website offering various furniture, accessory and art lines including some designs created by Justin and his former NSYNC stylist. The whole concept seems pretty neat- shoppers can determine their personal style through a series of visual questions and then shop for items that suit said style.   It does require a log-in to go further than the questionnaire, so that is where I stopped.  I try to avoid signing up for more emails, but if curiosity gets the better of me, I might try it out.  If you look into it, let me know your thoughts.  If it’s like everything else the former NSYNC crooner does, I’m sure it will be a raving success.