Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Spring Decor Trends

Purples - Inspired by the Color of the Year


Pantone’s color of the year is “Ultra Violet” which a gorgeous purple tone. The color of the year always inspires trends in both the fashion as well as the home decor world. Look out for this gorgeous color and similar shades to pop up everywhere! This color would look beautiful worked into small touches like your throw pillows. 


Preppy Chic


Preppy chic is a huge trend this Spring. This trend includes patterns like gingham and plaid as well as fun bold colors like bright blues and reds. With stores like Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James becoming hugely popular, there has been a resurgence of preppy style. Although it is on trend at the moment, it also falls under the category of being a classic style choice, so its really a win win!

Natural Wood


Finally, natural woods are very on trend for Spring. These photos show perfect examples of how to incorporate natural wood tones into your interior spaces. We love the look of light woods and the warmth that brings into any room. This is one trend that will carry on well past just this season alone.


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

It’s Almost Spring - Here’s how to Begin Transitioning your Decor

Heavy Fabrics and Textures Out, Light and Airy In


When those cold months roll around we tend to bring in lots of layers, heavy fabrics and a lot of texture. With Spring time knocking at the door its time to start thinking about removing some of these layers and heavier fabrics. Go back in with lighter weight fabrics to create a more airy feel to your space. 


 Bring in More Color

PDR Interiors

One other easy way to begin transitioning your decor from Winter to Spring is by adding in fun punches of color. This is easiest to do in places like your throw pillows, blankets, and small accessories. That way you are not having to invest a lot in constantly switching ALL of your decor for every season, just small touches here and there.

PDR Interiors

Bring the Outdoors Inside

PDR Interiors

One of the first signs of Spring is when you begin to see green popping up outside. Fresh grass and new buds are everywhere you look, so why not bring that fresh green into your home? There are so many types of indoor plants that are extremely easy to care for like succulents for example. Not comfortable with caring for a real plant? Go faux!  Things like orchids and succulents can look very realistic in their faux versions!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Our Weekend at The Greenbrier

We had the chance to take the “Dorothy Draper School of Decorating” course at the gorgeous, historic Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The whole experience was certainly one for the books. This blog will take you through some of the major highlights and takeaways from visiting the resort and taking the fantastic course. 

The Resort

The Greenbrier is an absolutely stunning, expansive resort that truly has something for everyone to enjoy. As soon as you step into the doors you feel like you are stepping back in time. Everywhere you look there are details you won’t see at any hotel these days. Just one small example of this is the old-fashioned mail shoot they have.  The collection box is placed just as you are walking on to the main elevator and every floor has access to a mail slot. They have kept this feature not just as an interesting showpiece of another time, but as a fully functioning mail system!

Walking into The Greenbrier it is truly sensory overload. There are bold colors and patterns as far as the eye can see. You go from an aqua blue room, into a deep burgundy space, and then mint green beyond that. These just simply are not things you see anymore. There is something so magical about the feeling of visiting The Greenbrier that is so hard to put into words. 

The room we stayed in had bright, over-the-top wallpaper with blue and white vases holding coral and yellow tulips. The bright daylight poured in through the windows and bounced beautifully off of all the bright colors in the space. As you step into the bathroom, yet another bold wallpaper, this time pink flowers, along with a hand-painted flower on the shower tile. This just gives you a small snapshot of what it was like to stay at this amazing property.

The Dorothy Draper School of Decorating

The main event of the weekend and our number one reason for going was to take the “Dorothy Draper School of Decorating” course that is offered on site. This course was taught by the legendary Carleton Varney who has been the President of Dororthy Draper Co. for 50 years now. He mentored under Dorothy who was America’s first Interior Decorator. Yes you read that right, she was the first to professionalize interior decorating, how cool?

The course itself was a mix of walking through the thought process behind the “Dororthy Draper style” of decorating which dismisses all that is drab and neutral and welcomes everything that is bright, bold and most importantly comfortable. One of our favorite Dorothy quotes they shared with us is “If it looks right, it is right”. What a simple yet powerful statement? It is so easy to fall into the trap of thinking interior decorating is a science that can be broken down into a bunch of rules to follow. While this can be true, it is so important to know when and where to abandon the rules when need be. Your home should be a place that you love where you are surrounded by colors and items that make you happy, it’s as simple as that! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Countertops - What’s Trending

When it comes to countertops, there are quite a few different directions you can go with them. These are the top three we are seeing everywhere and gravitate to as recommendations for our clients. 


PDR Interiors

Granite is without a doubt what we recommend the most out of these countertop options. One of the best things about granite is the amazing variation you get from stone to stone. This creates beautiful character and interest in any space. On a practical side of things, it is very durable and is resistant to things like heat, cuts, and scratches. One small downside to granite is you do have to re-seal it every so often, but that is a small sacrifice for a huge reward!

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Next up we have marble. Marble is undeniably beautiful, elegant and classic. It is without a doubt thought of as a higher end material so you will be raising the value of any space with the addition of this material. A few downsides to this choice are its higher price, its likelihood to stain and chip more easily than other materials like granite or quartz. This is where style and practicality butt heads, although that is not to say when properly cared for it is not an excellent choice! 




Finally we have quartz. This is an interesting option because it gives you the best of both worlds. It mimics the look of natural stone like marble, with the durability of a manmade product. They have come so far with the pattern and variation you can achieve with quartz. It also requires much less maintenance which is a huge plus. It is a great choice, especially in kitchens that will get a ton of use!