Friday, November 13, 2009

Pretty Packages

The countdown is on for buying presents, so I wanted to share some unique ideas for spucing up your holiday packaging.  Dressing your gifts beautifully can tie into your deocr style and help enhance the look of your Christmas tree!  Here are some fun ideas on how to make your gifts look like they cost a million bucks:

-Add a small gift or embellishment with the ribbon.   Fruit is a hot trend this year, so buy some faux fruit ornaments and attach them to your ribbon when tieing up your packages.  Or tie on a uniquely shaped cookie cutter.  Maybe a flamingo for the friend who travels to FL often or a baby rattle for someone who is an expectant parent. This extra dimension and added color increase the holiday spirit- not only did you make the gift look amazing, you provided someone with a unique gift tailored to them.

-Use metallic paper.  Nothing brings in more Christmas cheer than the golds, silvers, and bronzes that are so HOT this year!  Imagine how luxurious your gifts will look when you wrap them in these fabulous colors.  Then punch up the present with a bold colored ribbon tied around it (think jeweltones and hot hues).

-Go au naturale. Instead of buying something to enhance the packages, go to your own backyard.  Pine cones, holly berries, fruit, flowers,etc can all be used in cinjuction with ribbon or gift bags to jazz up a gift's look.                                                                

-Coordinate your gifts with your color scheme or design style for the room. If the predominant color on your tree is pink, then reflect that in the gift wrapping.  If your style is more country, then wrap your gifts in materials that compliment that style (flannel fabric pieces, plaid patterned wrapping papers,etc.).  The goal in everyday decorating is always to show off you and your personal taste, why stop at Christmas?!

Happy gift-wrapping!