Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Decorating for a New Year's Eve Party

For those of you who are welcoming in 2015 by hosting a party, here are some inspirational photos that will help your gathering feel extra festive in all the right ways. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our Holiday Gift to You- Five Decorating Tips That Work For Any Home

 1.     Lighting
Lighting is so important for any functioning space, and proper lighting is key. You want your lighting at eye level, that way it serves its purpose, sitting or standing. Place lamps strategically where you feel the most used areas are, as opposed to sticking them in a corner. There are much better space fillers out there than lamps.  

2.     Rugs
The right sized rug makes all the difference. I know a lot of us have bought the smaller size to save on cost, but trust me, splurging a little is worth it. Your furniture’s front legs should be on the rug, and in dining areas the rug should be large enough that chairs can easily slide out and still be on the area rug, this way no one has to worry about tripping while being seated or getting their chair stuck.

3.     Layering
Adding throws and pillows to a couch, chair, or bed will make the space look more welcoming and lived in. Plain couches and beds look so sterile, I don’t think the look of “bachelor pad” is really the one you want to go for. Choose a soft, fluffy throw, and patterned or textured pillows to bring your space to life.

4.     Storage
You can never have too much storage in any space. The more creative you get, the more fun and unique your room becomes. Try using baskets, bins, shelving, and wall hangings to organize your space as opposed to a large clunky piece of furniture up against the wall.

5.     Window treatments
So many people seem to be so afraid of hanging window treatments, but they make a world of difference. Not only for function, like blocking out the sun on the days you can actually sleep in, but also for an all together finished, polished look.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decorating for Holiday Get Togethers

The holidays are a time for celebrating friends and family. There are gatherings upon gathering upon gatherings. So how can you make your holiday party stand out from the rest?
Start with bringing some of the outdoors in. String twinkling lights around doorways to add a touch of sparkle to welcome your guests.

Put together a hot chocolate bar. This will not only be a hit for the kids, but also the adults, because who doesn’t love a warm mug of hot cocoa on a cold night? This is super simple. Place a whimsical on the table or counter for some added flare. In mason jars and bowls display all the goodies possible to make each guest’s mug special to them; peppermint stick, gingerbread bits, and of course marshmallows. 

Lets move along to the table, which will be the ultimate gathering area. No matter your style, there are tons of ways to dress your table. For a modern approach, start with a simple tablecloth, add sleek dishware, and monochromatic napkins. Instead of nametags, write guests’ names on an ornament. And sprinkle paper trees and candlesticks for a centerpiece.

For a more traditional, masculine look, layer a plaid runner, wood elements, and pinecones.

For a feminine look, add delicate details. Tie napkins with a pastel ribbon and a tiny single jingle bell. For a centerpiece cluster wrapped packages in fun, quirky patterns and add as must glitter as possible.

Do not ignore your chairs. Tie a coordinating ribbon and add an ornament or seasonal greenery for a little something extra.

When the party is over don’t let your friends and family leave empty handed. No one is ever too old for a party favor. In a gift bag put together a mini at home pedicure for your guests, with a travel sized foot cream and nail polish.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to Decorate a Mantle

Whether your fireplace is real or just decorative, it is important to take advantage of this focal point. No matter your style there are certain elements that should be included. Start with the focal point- may that be a large mirror, a piece of artwork or even the television. Add seasonal greenery, by making a floral arrangement or garland, and for added dimension, incorporate a fun banner or another type of garland. Don’t forget about the little touches, such as reindeer figurines, glass pieces, lanterns, or wooden letters. 

Don’t ignore the space surrounding your fireplace. Group larger figurines or tall candle sticks for a more cohesive, put-together look. And lastly, if you do not plan on actually using your fireplace for function, think about adding a grouping of candles inside and light them at night or during your holiday party for that extra touch!