Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update an Outdated Room

You do not have to spend a fortune to update your room. Simply work with existing pieces to give them a fresh, modern look!  Here are a few very simple tips, from our intern extraordinaire- Lucy, that you can do to completely change the feel of your room:

1. Spend time doing some cleaning. Clean your floorboards, windows, light fixtures, and furniture.

2. Paint your walls or just paint one accent wall. Another great idea is to use spray paint to give light fixtures and frames a new face.

3. Take old dressers or desks and use bright colors or textured finishes to make them look brand new. Add handles in a contemporary finish to bring them up-to-date. This can work for most pieces, but know there are some pieces that you would just be better off getting rid of.  Replace those items with unique pieces that you absolutely love! (Hint- look at antique stores for rare finds that are inexpensive and can easily be re-done.)

4. Add slip covers to outdated upholstered furniture and give your old kitchen table a new look with tablecloths or bright placemats. Recover an upholstered headboard to completely change the look of your bed.  Also, add new throw pillows with a fun coordinating design to really spruce up your furniture. A little bit of fresh fabric can go a long way!

5. Replace photos that have been in frames for years and move small decorative items around. Add colored vases with fake (or real, if you have a green thumb) flowers to give your room a fresh, natural feel. Introducing changes subtly can have a BIG impact.

            Updating your room does not have to break the bank if you recycle items that you already have and love, add some color to your walls and shelves, do some major cleaning, and add new coverings to your old furniture. 

Happy Updating!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Design Star

So, I am only a week late, but I finally watched my DVRed episode of Design Star on HGTV. Blame it on my affinity for southern culture, but Tera (from Texas) is my fav so far. Her take on the white box challenge was beautiful- the room was finished (always a plus!) and tranquil. I love mixing textures in a space and she did a great of incorporating a variety of them here: 

On the other hand, I was completely unimpressed with the arrogant Nina.  Her room possessed some good elements, but I felt the parasols she incorporated screamed "asian market"- the same characteristic for which the judges slammed her competitor, Tom.

I am glad to see the importance of hosting abilities taking a more prominent role earlier in this season compared to seasons past.  I do have to say poor Julie (who was eliminated) repeatedly used cliches and stumbled all over her words during her hosting debut which made it painful to watch.  Emily, while more like-able, spewed the entire time she was on camera and I felt embarrassed for the girl.

In addition to Tera, I also find myself rooting for the young Alex, who dubbed himself "not your typical designer" because of his age and race.  I'm looking forward to watching tomorrow night's episode to see who stands out!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spotlight: Bluegrass Go2Girl

I love to talk about other cool local businesses whenever I get the chance!  And I wanted to take a minute to inform you about this unique service- Bluegrass Go2Girl. 
I have used their pet sitting services for my precious pup and they did a great job!!  I know of others who hire them to do grocery shopping or other tedious tasks that eat up a lot of time in the day. Other than childcare or housekeeping, I don't know of a task they won't be willing to take off your plate.  Time is a precious commodity to all of us, and BGG2G provides many services with reasonable fees which allow anyone to get help when they need it most.  If you are not sure if BGG2G provides a service you are in need of please feel free to call and ask (859.230.2298). You can also check out their page on Facebook.
Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Snazzy Color Combos (Part 2)...

Paint isn't the only way to infuse color.  Color can be brought in using wallpaper, fabrics- for furniture and window treatments, accessories, rugs, art and more. Sometimes the more unexpected, the better! Keep in mind that trendy colors pair nicely with other colors that may not be on the list.  Remember not to go overboard with a color- incorporate variety into your pallette.  Here are some great photo examples (from Southern Living magazine) of how these HOT colors can be paired together to create a fabulous space:

Yellow & Fuschia

Yellow & Sage Green:

Coral & Yellow:

Turquoise paired with other complimentary & powerful colors:

Turquoise, Sage Green & Yellow:

Coral & Yellow:

Deep Red & Turquoise:

Deep Red, Yellow & Fuschia:

Sage Green, deep red & yellow

Turquoise, Aqua, Fuschia & Yellow:

Sage Green & Aqua:

Yellow, Mink & Silver:

                                                    Yellow & Silver:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Snazzy Color Combos (Part 1)...

I shared this info with some soon-to-be-brides down at Simply Love Studio last week. I think it is so fun to see how color transcends different industries! Here's a look at some of the top colors right now along with a few tips on how to use them.



Deep Red


Pale Yellow


Sage Green




1. Just because a color is the trend right now, it does not mean it is for you. You need to feel comfortable with you color choices and how you incorporate them into your life.      
2. Know that you cannot, nor should you, mix all 10 of these colors together because they are popular at this moment. That said, pairing 2 or 3 of them together works great! 

To avoid going overboard on color pairings, stay tuned for Part 2 of this topic where you can get tips on WHAT colors are best paired together and HOW to use these pairings appropriately.