Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Show Support at Home for your Favorite Football Team


With football season being fully underway, you may be wanting to show your support wherever you can in and outside of your home. Here are some simple, cost effective ideas of how to show your support for your favorite football team without interfering with your current decor. 

Team Wreaths


A team themed wreath for your front door is a great way to show your support in style. You can either be courageous and make one yourself, or purchase a pre-made wreath from places like etsy.com or even at a local arts and craft show. This is a great item to invest in as you will be able to use it sports season after sports season!


Jersey Pillows


This idea is for the more die hard of football fans. Using football jersey pillows may be a bit out of your decor comfort zone, but if you use them in your media room or even your man cave, they could fit in just perfectly. These would also make for a great topic of conversation among visitors!

Team Garden Flags

Using a team flag in your garden is a fantastic, cost effective way of showing your support for your favorite football team. These can be as simple, or as decorative as you wish. There are even your choice of  “house divided” flags which show support for multiple teams. These also make for a beautiful splash of color in your garden which may be lacking some flare during this time of year.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trendy Colors for Fall Decorating



Earth tones are very popular this Fall, so sage makes for a perfect choice to incorporate in your home’s decor. Some think of earth tones as boring, but they can make a gorgeous backdrop so your other colors stand out that much more. Sage is a soft, muted green which makes it very versatile. These examples show how beautiful sage can be in a home. 




Wine is another color trend that is happening this Fall. With Marsala being the Pantone color of the year, it is hard to stay away from this fabulous color in your decor. It is a very deep and rich hue so a little truly goes a long way. One of the best ways to use it is to put punches of it amongst soft neutrals so it does not overwhelm the space.



Finally, we have rust as another trendy color for Fall decorating. This one may seem to be an obvious choice because of its seasonal ties, like how it resembles the leaves turning for example. Rust is a perfect color to incorporate for the season because it is not as overwhelming as a bright orange or red, but a perfect muted combination of the two.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Decorating Trends

Have Fun with Neutrals

The words “fun” and “neutral” don't usually seem to go together. However, if you use them in the right ways it can actually make for a very interesting space. The key with neutrals is to mix different textures, patterns, and shapes to create interest. Using tone on tone patterns is a great way to achieve this look. This trend creates a very soft and serene feel in your space that is always nice to come home to.  

Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors
Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors

Incorporate Vintage Finds

Another great trend happening in home decor this fall is using vintage accessories. This can be as easy as keeping your eyes open at yard sales, flea markets, and antique malls for pieces you are drawn to. Mixing these vintage pieces amongst your current ones creates a lovely contrast and mix of different styles!

Bold Accents

Using bold accents of rich color is another great trend for fall. Start with a backdrop of soft neutrals and then accent with bold punches of color to achieve this look. Great accent colors to use for this fall include reds, oranges, and wines such as the Pantone color of the year, Marsala!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

What to Buy Now to Decorate for Fall

Fall flowers for the porch
Within the coming weeks, you should start to see fall flowers on sale at your local nurseries, and grocery/home improvement stores. Mums are always a great choice as they are a beautiful and hardy flower that can handle the coming weather. Choose your favorite colors and fill the porch and front steps with them to create a warm and inviting entry to your home.  
 Add to your mantle and fireplace hearth
The fireplace has likely been neglected all summer and is once again becoming a gathering area in your home. Its time to show this space some extra decorating attention. This can simply be adding some fall foliage in tall vases around the hearth or adding some great accessories to your mantle. If you have a fireplace that is unusable, filling it with candles is a fabulous option to add that warmth. 

Add warm and cozy textures with rugs, blankets, and pillows  

Fall is a time of year where we start spending more time indoors and want our home to be as cozy and inviting as it can be. Adding soft textures to your existing decor is a welcome addition for the season. Anything from a fuzzy pillow to a soft fur rug layered on top of your existing rug are great options for your home. 


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wrapping Up Summer: Which Home Items can Lead the Transition into Fall

As these summer days get shorter and shorter, we are all thinking about how we can begin to transition our home’s decor for Fall. Here are a few things you can do to help ease this transition. 

Add Light Wherever you Can
Adding as much light as possible to your home is a great thing to do when transitioning your home for the coming fall and winter months. With the days getting shorter, our homes become darker much earlier and can create a negative atmosphere in your home and may even cause some to loose motivation quickly. Add floor or table lamps to help combat the lack of light.


Change out your Summery Flowers for Plants of the Season
Something that can always make our homes feel brighter and more homey is the addition of flowers and plants, real or faux, in our decor. One common mistake people can make is using the wrong types of flowers and greenery for which ever season they are in. If you currently have a lot of summery plants around the house, think about swapping them for some fall appropriate options. These photos show some great options including hydrangeas, succulents, and an arrangement of fall blooming flowers. 

Add Layers for Warmth in your Home
It can be costly to change up your decor for every season. A fantastic alternative is just adding a few layers here and there to make your home feel a bit more cozy for the coming months. There are a number of ways to accomplish this. Layering area rugs, adding throw blankets, and choosing thicker fabrics are all great options for your home without having to undergo a major redo.