Thursday, December 19, 2013

Our "Last Minute" Christmas Gift for You!

Have your holiday decorations looked exactly the same for the past few years?  Are you hosting a get together and want to jazz up your holiday d├ęcor just a bit?  Or…have you been so busy with work, play, and other things that you just haven’t had time to decorate? 

 Here is our Christmas gift for you:  3 last minute holiday decorating tips!

1.       Pick a hot spot. 
Choose one room, or even one area of a room, like a dining area, a mantel, or even a chandelier.  Once you’ve chosen your hot spot, go all out, and give it the ultimate holiday redo.

2.  Use your current decor-in a new way.


Hang your favorite ornaments from your chandelier instead of placing them on your tree, or place them in clear vases to show off their beautiful hues. 

3.    Re-purpose everyday items.  

      Do you collect wine corks?  Use them to create a gorgeous candle holder, like this one that we found on Pinterest.

     Are you a plant lover?  Use ornaments and bows to turn your favorite plant into a living Christmas tree.

  Or..use our super easy tip, and place outdoor greenery in a bowl with apples and oranges.
  You’ll have a classic—and beautiful—centerpiece for your holiday table.  And last but not least...for more holiday decor ideas, be sure to check out our portfolio on  Enjoy!