Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What’s the Process/Timing for Taking Down Holiday Decor?

Do it on Your Schedule
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If you ask us, there is no standard date that you must have all of your holiday decor taken down by. It is all about preference and doing what works for you. Some people want all of their holiday items taken down and put away before New Years Eve hits, while others want to leave it up as long as it is acceptable. You do what works for you and your schedule!
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Keep Things Organized 
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The more organized you are when putting away all of your holiday decor, the easier it will be to unpack it all again next year. Stores carry storage options that can meet any of your specific needs. Ornament boxes and tree boxes for example are tailored to keep your items secure and in tact all year long. Labeling your boxes according to which room they belong to is another easy way to stay organized!
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Toss What you Won’t Use Anymore
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When you are putting your holiday decor away for the season, if you notice you left some things in the boxes and didn't use them at all, consider tossing or donating those items. This will keep you clutter free and make sure that you are only storing items you know you will use in the future. 
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our Holiday Gifts to You - Quick Tricks and Tips to Keep from Stressing when Hosting People for the Holidays.

Nice Scents
Hosting guests can be fun but also stressful at times. Having pleasant scents in your house can really set the tone for a fun and relaxing evening. Scented candles are always a great option to fill your home with your favorite smell! Try not to have too many different scents going at once as that may create an odd mix of smells that you weren't going for. If candles aren't your thing, simply having things cooking when people arrive will create a nice aroma and get everyones tastebuds going!
Good Lighting
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Another trick to de-stressing a get together is to keep the lighting plentiful but low. You don't want every overhead light in your home on when guests are there because it can feel a little cold or stiff. You want the vibe to be relaxing to you and your guests and low lighting helps create this. If your wondering how to achieve this feel, lamp lighting is always a great way to accomplish this and keep things soft and peaceful. 
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Allow Yourself Extra Time

One thing that can make hosting stressful is having a lot of last minute things to do right before guests should be arriving. Try to have all of your cleaning, getting ready, and cooking out of the way at least 30 minutes prior to guests arriving. This will allow you a bit of time to sit and relax before having to put your hosting shoes on!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How to Keep from Splurging too Much on your Holiday Decor

DIY Holiday Words 


If you are like us, you want to go holiday decor shopping crazy every year around this time. These are 3 DIY holiday decor ideas that will save you from spending big bucks. This first idea is such a cute and simple one. All you need is to go to your local craft store and buy the letters that make up your favorite holiday word or phrase. Make sure the word has an “O” in it, like Joy or Noel. Then the “O” in the word is simply a small, inexpensive wreath! Try to pick out letters in different sizes, colors, or textures for a unique look!


DIY Sparkle Branches


This next DIY holiday decor project is another super inexpensive and easy one! These DIY sparkle branches can be used in so many different ways. You can pop them in your tree for some added interest, place them in tall thin vases, or incorporate them into a centerpiece just to name a few! All you need to make them are branches (real or fake), silver spray paint, and silver glitter! 


DIY Stenciled Signs

Holiday themed signs like these can be pricey when you buy them ready made. You can save quite a bit of money by simply making them yourself. Palette wood + stencils + acrylic paint are the 3 things you need to tackle this simple holiday DIY! These are both great examples of holiday signs people have made themselves that you can use for inspiration!


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Decorating Trends

Nature Inspired

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In recent years, nature inspired elements have been huge in holiday decorating. This trend can be so beautiful and peaceful when incorporated into your holiday decor. If you are going for this look, keep your eyes out for anything that you would find in nature (animals, wood, greenery etc.) as your jumping off point. These are photos from a woodland themed tree we did for a client. We used mostly neutral colors with pops of red here and there along with woodland creatures and faux logs to create the look!

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Navy Accents


Navy has been a big trend in all facets of decorating so it is fitting for it to now be spilling over into the world of holiday decorating. Navy is a fantastic color to incorporate into your holiday decor because it is a deep, rich color that compliments almost any color that you would normally associate with the season. 

Non-Traditional Pops of Color

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Holiday decorating has taken a fun, more daring turn in the past few years. People are incorporating unexpected and non-traditional pops of fun colors into their holiday decorating. This trend can go in any direction you wish to take it in, whether it be pink and green, turquoise and brown, or purple and silver, there is no limit on the fun color combinations that can create beautiful holiday displays!

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