Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It’s Spring! Is it Time to Update your Bedding?

How Often to Swap

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Continuing with our Spring Update series, we are jumping to bedding this week. With bedding being a sizable investment, you don't want to feel like it needs to be updated constantly. One trick that can help your space feel refreshed is to have two full sets of bedding. One set for Spring/Summer, and one set for Fall/Winter. The style and materials should reflect the season ie. lighter weight fabrics for the warmer months and a bit heavier for the colder months. 

What Feel are you Going for?

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Your bedroom is a place in your home that should feel the most comfortable and personal to you. This means you should make it exactly what you want and not worry with anything else. Whether you want your bedroom to feel like a high end hotel or a cozy french cottage, make it your own. Fill it with items that make you happy and bring you comfort. Bedding is one of the most important aspects of creating your oasis. Are you a no fuss type? Skip the excessive throw pillows. Are you craving over the top glam? Go there! This space is all about you. 

Spring/Summer Bedding Inspo

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If you are still feeling a little lost on what direction you want to go in when updating your bedding, check out these inspiration photos to get some ideas!




Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Its Spring! Is it Time to Update your Window Treatments?

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On last weeks blog we talked about updating your throw pillows for Spring. While a pillow update is something you could easily do every season, window treatments certainly do not need to be updated every season. That being said, with Spring in full swing, it may make you look around your home and realize you are tired of the same treatments you've had for years. 

Change with the Times

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When it comes to window treatments, it can be easy to look them over and keep them the same while everything else in the room changes around it. It is important to keep your treatments updated as well as in line with the rest of the space. For example, if you have recently updated the furniture in your living room to a casual transitional style and your window treatments remain very traditional, you will not be able to achieve the full look you are going for. 

Less is More

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Gone are the days of over the top treatments like heavy tapestry panels topped with huge dramatic swagged valances. These days less is truly more. Simple clean lines rule the day, with soft textures and patterns being what you're seeing all over. Some of our favorite go-to treatment styles include faux roman shades, box pleat valances, and grommet or pinch pleat panels. Popular treatment fabrics include soft neutrals, simple embroideries, and geometric patterns. 

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Its Spring! How to Select Throw Pillows to Update your Space

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With the turn of the season upon us, many look around their home and want some changes. It inspires us to freshen up and update our space. One way to pull off a quick and impactful update this Spring is by updating your throw pillows. Whether it be your living room, bedroom, or even a banquette or window seat, swapping out your throw pillows can make a huge difference. 

Pattern Mixing

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When selecting throw pillows, pattern mixing is one aspect that can cause some to struggle. Keep this simple rule in mind, pair large scale patterns with small scale patterns or solids. You wouldn't want to add three small scale patterned pillows to a sofa for example. This will become too busy and wont be pleasing to the eye. By pairing large scale patterns with small scale you create depth and visual interest. 

Think Light and Bright for Spring


When Spring comes we are all craving to ditch the heavy layers and darker colors that we associate with the cold weather. Spring feels like a fresh start and with that comes light and bright colors. These photos show great examples of how to add light and fresh colors in your throw pillows!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Its Spring! How to Decorate with Florals

In Patterned Fabrics


Spring is in the air and that means the flowers are in bloom {yay!}. If you are feeling inspired by the fresh buds outside and want to start introducing florals into your home, one way to do so is with floral patterned fabrics! Floral fabrics come in a wide variety of styles and types. Some may immediately think of the small scale florals of their grandmother’s day. Think again! There are beautiful floral fabrics for almost any taste. Florals are best used in small amounts here and there. They can make gorgeous statements when used correctly. These photos show two great examples of how you can use floral fabrics in decor. 

In Art


Another great way to introduce florals into your home is in artwork. Again, there is a huge variety in the types and styles you can choose from to fit you and your home’s personality. Everything from over the top traditional to minimalistic contemporary and everything in between is what you'll find on the market today. One of our favorite ways to introduce floral artwork into a space is with abstract florals. Using this style can allow masculine and feminine styles to merge  since we normally think of florals as leaning toward the feminine side.

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With Real or Faux Stems


Finally, you can introduce florals into your space by using real or faux stems in an arrangement. Some of our favorite types to use when going faux include orchids, tulips, hydrangeas and peonies. All of these flowers can look very real in their faux forms which is an important quality to have when putting together a faux arrangement. Bringing Spring indoors with real or faux stems can truly breath life into any space and can give you that fresh feel you've been searching for!