Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Holiday Wish List- 5 Things we are Loving for the Home This Holiday Season

1.     Monochromatic Schemes

This simplistic approach still makes an impact. The lack of color allows you to pay attention to detail rather than being blinded many colors. You don’t have to pick just black or white, using taupe, beige, and other neutrals gives a warm feeling and still keeps things classically simple.

2.     Adding in Radiant Orchid

If a monochromatic scheme just is not your thing. Try adding in the color of year, Radiant Orchid. This deep purple adds richness, and actually looks great with reds and greens.

3.     White Winter Wonderland

Whether you add touches of frosted branches, cones, and other decorations, or you go all out and decorate in all white, your space will exude elegance. The look is soft and charming, perfect for the holidays.

4.     Anything sparkly

The holidays are a great excuse for adding sparkles to just about anything. Adding touches of sparkles throughout add an element of glamor and fun. Where it’s a little or a lot, your space will be a hit.

5.     Touches of fur

Adding touches of fur to your interior space will make your guests feel welcome. Your space will exude warmth and coziness, perfect for those cold winter months. Just be ready to curl up by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate while you enjoy the view of snow falling and twinkling lights.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How to Decorate a Tree Based Upon Your Style


Taking a modern approach to your Christmas tree decorating could mean a few things. It could mean putting up a tree, that is not the normal green, and going with black or something even more off the wall like pink or neon blue. It could also mean choosing sleek ornaments that in stark white or in bold bright colors. The key to harmonizing the look of any modern tree is to pick a color scheme and stick with it.


A classic Christmas tree means pulling out all the stops. Including the festive reds and golds, garland and lights wrapping the tree, and a tree skirt to match it all.  These are the trees that house “my first Christmas” ornaments, and trinkets that belonged to your great-grandmother. They should be bright and a hodgepodge of good holiday memories.


Having a country inspired tree doesn’t mean it has to look like you just drug it in from the woods in the back and plopped it down. But you should incorporate more rustic and natural. Feathers, burlap, twine, and wood cutouts pair nicely together to give off more of an unpolished and natural look. But do not be afraid to add in some sparkle and some color to pop against the neutral colors of all of the rustic elements.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Decorating for Thanksgiving That Goes Beyond the Traditional Turkey

Your front porch, whether it is big or small, is the perfect place to make a statement. After all, you want your guests first impressions to be ones for the books. This doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful one bit. Start off by swapping out your Halloween wreath with one that is a little less “creepy crawly” and a little more “pumpkin and spice”. Leave your pumpkins; even add more, the more pumpkins the better. For added interest vary them in size and color. Pick up seasonal potted plant or two and place them on either side of your front door. Depending on the amount of space provided you could add a few hay bales.

Mantles are a great little area to dress up since they are already a focal point. Add seasonal plants to pops for color and movement. Distressed baskets are wonderful for extra storage and added texture. Adding more tailored touches, such as glass, ceramic, or metal pieces, will not only add interest but will also be more pleasing to look at than a bunch of old sticks and twigs. Top it all off with a banner or garland and your mantle is complete.

Of course, I had to throw in a “little thing that counts”. This is just the most adorable idea. With left over craft paper cut out a small piece for each spot and write at the top “I am thankful for:”. Have your guest at some point during the meal jot down a few things they are appreciative for and share with the table. It’s a sweet and simple idea that everyone will remember.

You’re either one extreme or the other when it comes to table settings. They are either your worst nightmare or your favorite part about the holidays. Well, I’m here to tell you to fret no more, there are super simple and minimalistic approaches to jazz up your tabletops. For a more modern scheme, pick up a roll of craft paper, run it down the center of your table and write little sayings and quotes all over. Keep the colors to a minimum; use neutrals like whites, browns, and taupes. For a more traditional look but still on the minimalist side, skip the tablecloth. Instead run a piece of burlap or a light, neutral fabric down the center of the table. Keep the place settings simple with light dishes and to allow the center pieces to stand out. Use festive flowers and plants to line the center, scatter a few candles throughout, and let the festivities begin!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

To Decorate or not Around a TV

TV too overpowering?  First thing first, look at your television as a large picture in a grouping instead of a big black box. When you stop fighting your TV, this will become a much more simple task.

Place your TV on a console and gather frames around the screen in a symmetrical or asymmetrical format. Place a lamp or two, and add a few bold touches below. Pick a consistent color to run throughout the grouping for a harmonized look.

For more sophistication, choose matching frames; same size, color, and matting, and hang them in a uniform manner around your TV. This also keeps the look simple and clean.

Another option is to the flank bookcases or shutters; both skinny and wide frame your TV. Place decorative objects about to balance the weight of the screen and reduce the TV’s dominance in the space.

And of course there is always the option to just own your TV. Let it stand all on its own, and become the focal point of the wall. But of course a few decorative touches could never hurt either, some nice patterned panels and a few picture frames will liven up your space.