Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Couch Redo: Tips for Giving an Old Couch New Life.

Couches with great bones but drab appearances deserve another shot at life and it can all be possible with a little TLC.  And When reupholstering can cost an arm and a leg knowing there are other options out there to spice up your old beloved couch is be a huge lifesaver.

Recovering just the cushions is a great way to stretch your dollar but still add a punch to your piece. Choose a fun print or contrasting fabric for extra fun. You'll easily have a new conversation piece. Adding a zipper to your new cushion cover allows you to easily take it on and off for washing.

If you’re looking for something less labor intensive try adding new throw pillows a throw to liven up your couch. These added layers scream comfort and give you an opportunity to add more color to your space. Not only will your couch look brand new but your room will too!

One final touch that will revamp your couch is simply switching out the legs. Choose simple sleek lines for a more modern look, or an ornate turned leg for a more traditional one. Not to mention this is another place to add a surprise pop of color!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tips for Creating the Perfect Fall Wreath.

Creating the perfect fall wreath can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when deciding what materials you are going to need. Fall is a great time to create a wreath for your front door! So we wanted to make your crafting a little less stressful by giving you some tips that will help you create a wreath you can use again and again.
Here are 5 tips to creating the perfect fall wreath!
1. Have a wreath making kit. There are some tools that are essential for making a wreath. Having a small kit with these all these items in it will help make it easier when you start to make your wreath. Three important items that need to be in this kit are floral wire, craft glue, and wire cutters. Over time you can add to this kit but just for starter these 3 items will help ensure you have everything you need.

2. Pick a theme. Picking a theme is the most important step when making your wreath. It is important to establish a theme so the wreath looks cohesive and not like random embellishments were placed all over. The first thing to think about is the color scheme you want to use, since it is fall I would recommend using oranges, reds, and yellows. You could also use the color of your favorite football team or other fall sport. You’ll want to make sure that the embellishments you select coordinate with the theme as well. A great example is if you choose to do a sports them wreath, adding footballs or the teams logo would be a great idea for the embellishments. Keeping all these things in mind will help you make a wreath that flow perfectly together.

3. Make it your own. The wreath you hang on the front door will be the first thing people will see when visiting your home. Having a wreath that reflects who you are is important for creating the perfect wreath. You’ll want to select colors and embellishments that you love. For example, flowers, bows, wooden letters, garland, or anything that goes with the theme you’ve chosen.

4. Tutorials on how to tie a bow! Tying a bow can be difficult for some of us who don’t have much experience when it comes to tying bows. Now that we have the world at our finger tips, and I mean literally because we have the internet, learning how to tie a bow has never been easier. Usually wreaths have focal points; bows look really nice and can go with almost any theme you choose.

5. Best way to hang your wreath. Hanging wreaths can be difficult. Wreath hangers sometimes don’t allow for the door to close and putting nails in the can cause serious damage if not done properly. After a bit a research we’ve discovered the 3M hooks actually do the trick without damaging the door. These hooks can be purchased almost anywhere and can be painted to match whatever color your door is.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Bring the Colors of Autumn Into Your Home.

Accessories, accessories, accessories. Small touches can have a tremendous impact on a space. To help bring the feeling of fall into your home think warm tones. Put away your cool blues and grays and bring out the oranges and coppers. But you don’t only have to use oranges when choosing accessories; jewel tones make your space feel warm as well.

Some simple things to change out to add fall colors to your home are your welcome mat, your centerpiece, and throws and pillows. Adding in warm tones will make your space feel even more inviting, which is great for the cold months ahead.

When it comes to your centerpiece use a colored vase to display seasonal plants such as berries, cattails, and ornament grasses. This allows for more colors to be added, but still have a rich feeling overall.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bring the Outside in: How to Decorate With Leaves.

During the fall season our backyards begin to look like a sea of orange, yellow, and red leaves. The temperature is starting to cool down and we are finding ourselves inside more. Wondering how you can bring the beauty of the outdoors in? We’ve found three projects that are simple and easy to do!

Garland of Leaves.

Autumn Leaves
Tape or Sticky Tack

Step 1: The first step to this project is to go outside and pick out the leave you want to use for the garland. Try to select leaves that aren’t torn and use a variety of sizes and colors. You could use artificial leaves if you don’t have access to real leaves.
Step 2: Depending on where you want to hang the garland, cut the string to your desired length.
Step 3: Use the needle to thread the leaves onto the string. I would place the string about a half-inch below them stem.
Step 4: Once you have threaded the leaves onto the string, use tape or sticky tack to hang the garland.
This would look great hanging below the mantel of your fireplace or hanging over a doorway!
Candle Holders.

Clear Candle Holders
Autumn Leaves
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: You will want to select your style of candleholders, I recommend using glass that is clear.
Step 2: Selecting ribbon. The style of ribbon is completely up to you; since it is fall I recommend using reds, oranges, and yellows.
Step 3: Selecting your leaves. As mentioned previously you’ll want to choose leaves that haven’t been torn. It’s person preference when it comes to color and size but try to select leaves that will compliment the size of your candleholder.
Step 4: Tying the ribbon. You’ll want the ribbon to be snug around the candleholder. If your ribbon keeps sliding off the candle hold I would try retying or hot gluing behind the bow. You don’t want to hot gun the entire ribbon because the leaves will be held in place by the ribbon.
Step 5: Place the leaves around the ribbon.
These are great in any room around the house!
Golden Leaves.

Gold Paint
Paint Brush

Step 1: Select your leaves. You’ll want to choice different styles of leaves, that way each frame has a different leaf.
Step 2: Select your frames. I recommend using wooden frames. As shown in the picture above, the wooden frame compliments the leaf by bringing more of the outdoors in!
Step 3: Paint the leaves gold. One or two coats should work best.
Step 4: Place the leaves inside the frames, if the leaves aren’t staying in place use two-sided tape to secure the leaf in place.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Football Season: HOw to Decorate for a Gridiron Get Together.

Football season is a time for family, friends, and some good old competition. It’s a time where no matter who you’re rooting for you stand behind them one hundred percent, and even if you can’t physically be at the game screaming and shouting you sure can throw a party for every to scream and shout!

Let’s start off with making a statement before your guests even walk in the door, with a wreath in your team’s colors. These are super simple to make yourself. All you need is a wire ring, to the size of your liking and lots and lots of ribbon. It’s as easy as tying bows onto the wire ring, alternate your ribbon color to incorporate all of your team’s colors. A helpful hint here is to line your wire ring with florist tape to prevent your bows from slipping. Add a cut out of your team’s logo or mascot for an even more personalized touch!

Your food display is a great place to add a few quirky touches as well. Starting with the tablecloth, you can pick up some turf at your local home improvement store, cut it to size and tape a few lines to have the look of a football field.

Don’t forget about the utensils! Placing your forks and such in football koozies or koozies with your team’s logo is a laidback way to add some spirit! No work necessary!

You can’t neglect your drinks either. Drawing some Xs and Os on paper cups to give the look of a playbook is just the right touch for any gridiron get together. Even water bottles can be spruced up for the occasion! Print off some free bottle labels to make referee water bottles. Add a whistle in team’s color; even your kids will appreciate this small detail.

If you’re running behind but still want to add some team spirit to your party, grab those extra jerseys and throw them over the backs of your chairs. Quick and easy. It’s also free which is great for those of us decorating on a budget!