Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Reno - Trends in Lighting for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Lantern Style
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Lantern style light fixtures are a big trend in lighting right now especially in kitchens. Most of the lantern style lights are open without any glass closing them in which creates a nice open feel. These are two examples of this style in different finishes which shows how they can work with so many different decor styles!


Exposed Bulbs
Another big trend in lighting in general is to have exposed bulbs, especially Edison bulbs. This trend translates well into kitchens and bathrooms since they have a very sleek and clean style. Some popular styles that have exposed bulbs include lantern, cage, globe, and bell jar. 


The brass and antique brass trend is still holding on into 2017, but now in smaller doses. 2015 and 2016 was all about brass and now the trend is going to more subtle touches instead of all over. This is a finish that is now readily available in light fixtures that work beautifully in kitchens and bathrooms.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter Reno - Brushed Nickel, Bronze, etc. How to Choose a Finish

Brushed Nickel
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Brushed nickel is a beautiful choice that many are going with for its clean and sleek look. Many older homes and buildings had brass hardware throughout and people are switching them out for nickel to give their homes an overall upgrade. It is a nice, softer alternative to chrome as well as being much easier to keep looking clean!

Oil Rubbed Bronze

For those who feel brushed nickel is a little to contemporary or cold feeling for their taste, oil rubbed bronze is another great option. This choice can work well with many different styles, including traditional which is why it has a large appeal. Keep in mind mixing finishes is certainly not off limits either. Just because you have brushed nickel hardware on all of your kitchen cabinets and faucet doesn't mean you cant have a beautiful oil rubbed bronze light fixture as well.
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Antique Brass

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Antique brass has made a comeback in recent years as a great finish choice. This is a great way to have a bit of a vintage feel in your home without making it actually feel dated. Namely, light fixtures in places like your kitchen or dining room are ideal places to work in this on-trend finish.  This is another finish that can be mixed in with others with ease! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Winter Reno - Timeless Paint Colors for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Living rooms


If you are looking for a timeless paint color for you kitchen a soft green is great way to go. Green  is perfect for a kitchen because of its natural and earthy connotations. Who doesn't want to walk into their kitchen and think “fresh” or “clean”? The reason we specify a “soft green” in this case is so that the color does not overwhelm the space. This is also what keeps the color timeless because fads of bold and bright my come and go but a soft and muted hue will stand the test of time. One of our favorites is Filmy Green from Sherwin Williams
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When it comes to paint colors for the bedroom, think soft and warm. You don't want your bedroom to have a cold feeling at all because it should feel like your oasis and most comfortable place in the house. Choosing a nice beige for your bedroom is a classic choice as long as you stay away from anything too bland or dry, otherwise known as “builder beiges”. One great color we like to use for this is Balanced Beige by Sherwin Williams. You don't have to worry about this going out of style or being a fading trend because it is truly a classic look.

Living Room

Although gray paint colors are HUGE right now, a safer choice in terms of staying power would be a greige paint color (gray and beige combined). This combines the popularity and on trend gray with the classic and timeless beige. What a perfect combo! This color can really work well in any room of the house, especially if you have an open concept floor plan where many rooms are open to one another. A great go-to greige is Amazing Gray from Sherwin Williams.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Winter Reno - How to Choose Flooring Based on your Lifestyle and Space

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Hardwood is a timeless and classic choice for flooring. With that being said, it is also pricey and not ideal for all lifestyles. One major downside to hardwood is that it is not water proof or water resistant, so you have to be careful on the areas in your home where you decide to put it (or keep it). Another downside is the upkeep it needs over time. Although hardwood can stand the test of time, it will need refinishing every so often that you may or may not be willing to deal with cost wise. On the other hand, it is a truly beautiful choice, and in the right space can be a fantastic option.

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LVT or luxury vinyl tile (or plank) is a relative newcomer to the flooring scene. Gone are the days when you heard the word “vinyl” and thought “1970’s” or “cheap looking”. This has become one of the most popular types of flooring that can truly go anywhere in the home! LVT can either look like wood or tile depending on the space you are putting it in. One of its best qualities is its overall durability as well as its resistance to water. This makes this flooring a fabulous choice for any area that is going to get a lot of use, and even water like a bathroom or basement. 

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Carpet is ideal for places like bedrooms or living rooms. It adds a softness and warmth to your space that is almost unmatched. However, people are getting away from having carpet throughout the house, especially how it used to show up in places like the bathroom or kitchen where you will never see it now a days in any new construction. If you are looking to get the softness of carpet but still love your hardwood or some other type of hard floor, an area rug can be a fantastic addition as well.
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Tile is a great choice for any space that is going to get a lot of use that includes water or messes of any kind, i.e. the kitchen, bathroom, basement, or foyer. These are ideal spaces for tile because it is by far the easiest flooring to clean as well as being extremely durable. The great thing about tile these days are all of the gorgeous styles and sizes it is available in, namely the “wood look” tile that has become so popular. One of tiles main downsides is how cold it can make a room feel. Adding in rugs on top of tile in places like your kitchen or foyer can help alleviate this issue.