Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Decorate with Orange

Like last weeks blog about decorating with black, this is inspired by one of the main colors of Halloween, orange. Again, we want to share ideas with you about how to decorate with this color for more than just Halloween.

Choose Muted Shades

If you are daring enough to paint with orange, make sure it is a muted shade. If the orange is to bright and bold, it could easily overwhelm the space. Here are some examples of muted orange paint that turned out perfectly in these homes.


Pair it with its Compliment  

Pairing colors with their complimentary color can be a fantastic design choice as long as there are some neutrals mixed in to calm the space down. Blue is orange’s complimentary color, so using the two together can work beautifully. Try to stay within the same saturation when pairing the two colors. You can accomplish this by choosing an orange and blue that are on the same section of a paint color chart. 


Orange Accents 

A little nervous about jumping on the orange bandwagon? Start with using orange as simply an accent color among your decor. This can be accomplished by using orange throughout your accessories in the space. This works particularly well when paired with neutrals, as it will make the pops of orange that much more substantial. 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Decorate with Black

Black tends to be a color we associate with Halloween. We want to share ideas on how it can be used for more than just the one holiday, and really make a lasting statement in your home.  

Black Accent Wall with Colorful Art/Photos

The great thing about decorating with black is that it acts as a fantastic form of contrast. Using colorful art and/or photos on a black accent wall creates a dramatic contrast that draws your eye straight to the color.


Black Accents 

Another way to incorporate black into your decor is to use it as an accent color. These photos show great examples of how you can use black as an accent color whether it be just a little here and there, or your main accent. This creates a very chic and elegant feel in your space.  


Chalkboard Paint 

Finally, you can decorate with black by creating a chalkboard paint accent wall. This can be adorable for a child’s room where they can use their imagination to make new creations whenever their heart desires. It can also work beautifully in a kitchen as shown in the two examples below.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Tastefully Decorate for Halloween

If you are like us, you may be wanting to decorate for Halloween while being stylish and tasteful at the same time. While this may sound like an impossible feat, it is actually much more simple than you might think. Below, we have given some ideas of how to achieve decorating tastefully for Halloween. 

Pick up some different sized lanterns, then fill some with candles and others with small pumpkins or gourds stacked on top of each other. This creates a very elegant feel while being festive at the same time!

Here is a great rustic twist on your average Halloween display. Simply combine large wooden pumpkins with a bushel of fall foliage, and a few lanterns placed here and there on your porch. You can also incorporate real pumpkins among the display for added interest. 

White pumpkins are a fabulous way of keeping your Halloween decor on the tasteful side. You can either buy white pumpkins, or paint any color pumpkin with white paint. Adding black letters to your crisp white pumpkins creates a gorgeous contrast.

Another classy Halloween decor idea is to tie ribbons around your pumpkin’s stalk. This creates a beautiful store bought look even though they were hand made. Again, using black and white is a great alternative to your average orange, black, and purple Halloween color scheme. 

Want to get even more crafty with your Halloween decor? Buy metal or plastic address numbers that would normally go on your house, and use them to decorate your pumpkins. You can either stack them on top of each other and have your address read from top to bottom, or place them side by side and have it read left to right. 


Here is a tasteful twist on your run of the mill Halloween wreath. Believe it or not, you can make a wreath like this out of white coffee filters, a thick black ribbon, and a few black halloween stickers! 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Arrange Pumpkins and Gourds

We are always trying to think of new and different ways to arrange pumpkins and gourds for this beautiful Fall season. Below are some photos and great ideas of how you can switch up your display in interesting ways this year! 

If you have an old wheel barrel or wagon, you can use it for this fun idea! Simply fill it with pumpkins and gourds, then surround them with fall foliage to create this look.

Here is a great idea  for your fall themed table. Choose pumpkins in faded greens and whites  to create a gorgeous centerpiece. Surround them with pine cones and greenery to finish the look. 

This is one of our favorite display ideas. Use an oversized planter to stack your pumpkins in. To take the look to the next level, place a group of cornstalks behind the planter for a lovely fall touch.

How gorgeous is this idea? Simply scattering some smaller pumpkins, gourds, or squash among your fall flower bed is a fantastic and understated way of arranging your display. These look especially appealing incorporated with cabbage and hydrangeas. Choose whites and greens for a natural look, or fun orange ones for a classic fall look. 

This is a fun sports, and fall themed idea. Place your favorite sports ball (footballs, baseballs, etc.) in a rustic bucket with greenery planted in it. Then place a few pumpkins next to the bucket in which ever colors you choose!