Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tips to Decorate for a Child’s Halloween Party

Candy-corn Fun
When decorating for a child’s Halloween party, fun is key, and what is more fun than decorating with candy? Candy-corn is the perfect candy to decorate with for a party because of its fun color and its ability to stay looking great. Add candy-corn to the bottom of a mason jar then put your utensils inside for a fun addition to your table!
Decorate the Front Door 
A great way to make a fun first impression is by decorating your front door. You can take this in any direction you wish. Get creative and make the whole door into a monster, or keep it simple with a festive wreath. The photo below shows a good example of how you can add some inexpensive toy bats to your door to add some extra spookiness to your classic display. 
Make the Table the Main Event
The food and snack table at the party is always where everyone wants to be. Take this opportunity to make the table your main focus for the Halloween decor. These photos both show how these people each chose themes and ran with them. This is a good tip for the decorations as a whole. Whether you want to go with classic black and orange or switch it up and go with blacks, whites, and purples you can’t go wrong!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our Favorite DIY Pumpkin Decorating Projects

Puff Paint
One fun and simple way to decorate your pumpkins is with the use of puff paint. You can buy puff paint at your local craft store very inexpensively which makes it cost effective even if you want to buy many fun colors for your project. These photo examples show some ideas of just how you can go about creating a design with puff paint!

Metallic Paint
Metallics are very on trend right now in both interiors as well as in the fashion world, so why not carry that over into your pumpkin decorating? This is a fun choice if you want your pumpkin display to be a little more trendy and stylish. You can choose whether you want to simply spray paint the entire pumpkin with metallic paint, paint it on with a brush, or even use a metallic paint pen. This makes it simple for you to choose the desired look you are going for. 

The Donut Pumpkin
We just love this adorable DIY donut pumpkin that is very popular right now. To create this look you simply paint the bottom half of the donut in a light cream/brown, then paint the top in fun colors you would see on the icing of a donut. To finish it off you simply paint thin lines in all different colors to create the sprinkles on the donut! 


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How to Decorate Outside for Halloween

Pumpkins + Mums

Wondering where to get started when decorating outside for Halloween? Pumpkins and mums are the basis for any great Fall / Halloween porch display. Mums are the perfect, hardy flower for this time of year and they come in all kinds of fun colors that are sure to liven up your outdoor areas! This combination creates such a cozy and inviting entry to your home so you simply can't go wrong when you start with these. 


Fun Signs
Signs are a cute and interesting way to add to your outdoor Halloween decor. Whether you want to have fun with a little DIY or go out and get some cute store bought pieces they will certainly add something extra. These photos show some fun examples of how to incorporate signs into your display!
Trick or Treat Bowls
Here is a fun idea for your outdoor Halloween decor; creating a stand of some kind for your trick or treat bowl to sit on for the big night! This can be something that you leave up all month long until Halloween arrives then you simply add the candy bowl on top, and you can even add a fun little sign as shown in one of these examples.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Decorate Inside for Halloween

Mini Pumpkins and Gourds


One easy way to decorate inside for Halloween is to use mini pumpkins and gourds. Save your larger pumpkins for the outside and have fun with the minis on the inside! These photos show some great examples of how you can incorporate them into your decor in the form of centerpieces or even just stacked in simple vases.

Fun Touches 

One thing to remember when decorating inside for Halloween is to be careful not to overboard. For one, you are only going to want these decorations up for about a month so you certainly do not want to invest a lot in anything. Also, it is easy for a few tasteful decorations here and there to turn into a tacky display in no time when you begin adding too much. This is why its best to use fun touches here and there as shown in these examples. 


Throw pillows


Throw pillows are an easy, inexpensive way to add some fun Halloween touches into your decor without going to over the top. One of the most inexpensive ways to achieve this is by purchasing pillow covers that fit your existing throw pillows. This way you are not having to buy the actual pillow which would make it more costly.