Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Trends, trends, and more trends

photo: PDR Interiors

With all this talk about trends over the past few weeks- is your head swimming?  Well, take a breather.  Just because something is on trend, doesn’t mean you need to find a way to incorporate it into your home.  Observe trends as a form of inspiration and as a connection to the world around you.  You can have an appreciation for something without having to buy it.

With your clothing- you know what fits your body and what styles you are drawn to, so you buy items that work for you.  Do the same thing for your home- if you’re all about French Country, hold fast and keep doing your thing.  Don’t change your style just to suit the latest trend in home fashion.  You will exhaust yourself trying to keep up with every fad that comes along. 

My team and I advise clients regularly to focus on the classic and timeless and work in trendy items as desired.  This approach is much kinder to your pocketbook and allows you to dabble in the trendy side of life when you want to.

Push the trends out of your mind for a minute, and follow these few rules of thumb when updating your room-
-Stick to timeless furniture styles and fabrics for your large staple pieces (sofas, chairs, etc.)
-Go bold and trendy in smaller items that are easy to replace more frequently (pillows, curtains, lamps, accessories)
-Consider the style of your home when decorating the interior of it (ie- Craftsman, Victorian, Tuscan, etc). These details should complement each other, not be at odds.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

2019 Trends- Florals

Florals are HUGE right now…literally and figuratively.  Floral patterns are popping up in everything from apparel to home decor.  The most popular florals seem to be the bold, oversized options- the antithesis of the Laura Ashley florals from the 90s. Definitely a statement pattern.

Watercolor black and red floral pillows make a statement on this sectional.
photo: PDR Interiors

I am not personally a floral person when it comes to my clothes. I can admire and appreciate floral apparel on other people, I just think I don’t look very good in them.  I prefer to stick to my striped and solid clothing. I incorporate flowers a bit more in my home- the pillow shams for my bedding, a subtle tone on tone floral pattern covering my sunroom sofa-but I am cautious with them.  This is my personal taste which may be entirely different from yours.  When a client wants to use florals, I have a great time working the pattern into the plans for their space.  In fact, PDR is a deal for a company synonymous with iconic floral designs- Dorothy Draper Company.  That’s the beauty of my job- I can appreciate something without having to use it in my own life.

Bold florals can make a furniture piece pop!
photo: PDR Interiors
Dorothy Draper Company

If you weren’t keen on last week’s post about geometrics, this pattern is probably more your speed.  Here are the perks we see of florals in your home-
-Floral patterns are a great choice to break up a space that has a lot of solids or linear patterns- read: masculine.
-You get a floral, you get a floral, you get a floral! There is a floral for every kind of design style.  The options are endless in flower patterns when it comes to color saturation and type of pattern (dainty and small, large and bold, frilly and feminine).  I'm positive you could find one to suit your preferences.
-They make people happy. Florals evoke a feeling of springtime, a season everyone loves after being cooped up all winter.
Ballard Designs
Thibaut fabric

As with all pattern options, there are some drawbacks-
-Florals can make a room feel overly feminine if you aren't careful.
-This pattern can feel very trendy and quickly date a room.  Choose wisely when you incorporate a floral pattern into your home.
-Some floral patterns are busy and they may not be the right fit for your home,
Thibaut wallpaper

Are you team floral??

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 Trends- geometric patterns

I am a lover of geometric patterns.  I think I would have been very happy growing up in the 70s -minus some of the color combos.  I think what draws me to these types of patterns is that they possess an orderly pattern and typically have clean lines.  Those who know me well know that orderly and clean are two characteristics that will win me over every time.  That’s just my personal preference.

For those who are unsure about geometrics, here are some additional positive characteristics-
-They are versatile.  Geometric patterns can be found in area rugs, upholstery fabrics, window fabrics, bedding, accessories, just to name a few.  You have the opportunity to dabble in them as much as you would like.

-They are gender neutral.  Most men don’t balk at a geometric print fabric being used on their favorite chair.  This cannot be said of every pattern, making geometrics a the great compromiser when it comes to settling home decor squabbles between couples.

-They pair well with other patterns.  Stripes, florals, novelty prints…you name it.  They all can partner with geometrics to create a pattern grouping that makes a space beautiful.

-They can be playful OR sophisticated.  Geometrics can take on whatever personality you are trying to evoke in your space.  When using a geo print in a nursery, you want to accomplish a younger look as opposed to when using in your dining room.  Geometric patterns can be found in printed form, (where the pattern is truly printed on the fabric) OR embroidered on a fabric (making it more elegant), OR woven (typically this is on upholstery).

On the flipside, there are some drawbacks to this type of pattern.  {Although not many.  Can you tell I am over the moon for these types of patterns?? I actually think I am speaking very unbiasedly about the subject ;)}

-Some versions of geometrics can be trendy, thus leaving your room looking dated.  Patterns like chevron, or arabesque (commonly known as trellis or Moroccan trellis) are good examples. Use these types sparingly-in small touches like pillows or accessories- to avoid having to do a complete overhaul.

-Geometric patterns can look busy.  Be mindful of this when incorporating them into a space.  Don’t use too many geometrics in one room, and carefully consider how they interact with the other patterns you are using to keep from overwhelming the eye.

Here are some of my favorite applications of geometric prints in projects we've done.  Tell us what you think about them- would you use these in your home?


Embroidered geo fabric on window valances in a dining room.
photo: Veronica Gettinger on behalf of PDR Interiors

Same dining room had a geometric print area rug.  The colors tied in well with the window fabric.
photo: PDR Interiors

Model residence hall at the University of Kentucky.  Geometric patterns used on area rug and throw pillows.  Paired with solids and paisley well to make the room feel welcoming and warm.
photo:PDR Interiors

Foyer with geometric wallpaper
photo: PDR Interiors