Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Artwork & Accessories

We started walking through the concept of how to dress your home back in October.  If you're anything like me, you may have already forgotten what we've talked about to date.  If you're not, then this recap is just for my benefit (ha!).  So far we have addressed:

Today, let's pick up where we left off.  Let's get lost in the world of accessories.  Accessories are my favorite part of an outfit, and of a room.  These pieces are a chance to let your personality shine.  Personally, when it comes to an outfit, I am a watch person.  I love an oversized face- I mean BIG- in a great metal with a little bling (maybe I was a rapper in another life).  I then tend to stack bracelets with my watch to create a grouping of arm candy.  While this sounds like a lot happening on my wrist, I do operate by Coco Chanel’s rule of put everything on, and then take one item off.  I find a good balance in this method of editing.

Accessories in the home offer the same opportunity as fashion accessories: to showcase who you are. 

Did you select a solid colored, textured fabric for your sofa?  Pop a couple of colorful throw pillows grouped with another pillow showcasing your favorite saying on it. 
Are you a world traveler? Arrange the trinkets you’ve picked up along the way within your bookshelves amid the books you’ve been reading and your family photos.  
Mixing the types of items you display on a bookshelf or tabletop creates visual interest. 
PDR Interiors

Accessories aren’t something that will show up on the space plan you've already created. This will require some trial and error in terms of placing items where they look best.  No two people are going to arrange their accessories in the same manner, because no two people will have the same life experiences or perspective.  But, I can give you some tried and true tricks to help you accessorize in a way that makes you want to show off your space.

-Group things.  Rarely, do you want an item to stand all by itself (the exception being if it is an oversized piece that commands attention).  You can work in pairs or in odd numbers- whatever feels right to you based on the items you are working with. 

PDR Interiors

-Vary height and stagger items.  It is not visually pleasing to see a straight line of items all at the same height.  Move pieces forward of, and behind each other while still keeping everything visible.  If you find that all of your candlesticks are close to the same height, turn some books on their sides to create a stacked base and top with one of the candlesticks. 

 PDR Interiors, photo courtesy of Veronica Gettinger

-Mix colors.  Life isn’t monochromatic.  Mix white ceramic vases with silver picture frames and blue pottery.  Keep in mind the color scheme of your room, but don’t feel it is necessary to match it exactlyInstead, tie in certain colors or elements of the room, so the accessories feel at home in the space. 
PDR interiors
-Choose a variety of items. Picture frames, metal orbs, glass sculptures, ceramic vases, woven baskets, small pieces of artwork on stands, and books are all great elements to use when accessorizing a room.  The placement of these pieces will be determined by the function of your space.  If little hands or wild pet tails are a concern, place breakables at a level where they won’t be in danger.
 PDR Interiors

Wanna know a secret? I will style a shelf or tabletop, and 20 minutes later come back to look at it with fresh eyes.  Almost every time, I tweak something- the angle of a photo frame, the height of a stack of books, etc.  You will more than likely do the same thing- it’s okay.  Just get started!  The best way to accomplish your goal is to dive in and play around with the placement. Don’t be afraid to place something and then re-arrange it later.

You would make my day if you would message me photos of your accessorizing work.  i'd love to see all the fun you are having!


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