Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3 Things We are Thankful for at PD&R

Our Amazing Clients  


Words cannot even describe how thankful we are for all of our amazing clients and supporters of PD&R!  Because of your love and support, we have a variety of clients spread throughout the country with whom we love to work.  We get big smiles on our faces whenever a past client calls about a new project — it means so much when you choose to work with us again! We are lucky to have such loyal, and all-around fantastic clients. 

Our Community 


While our projects take us out of Lexington more often these days, we are still incredibly thankful for the community where PD&R is rooted. It is our pleasure to participate in and support community endeavors. Some of our best friends and clients were first introduced to us at events like the Junior League’s Hollyday Market, the Home Builders Association’s Grand Tour of Homes, or through local business networking organizations. We have a great sense of pride for this city and love to see it shine!

Allowing us to do what we Love 


Last but not least, we are thankful that each of you allows us to do what we love every single day. In 2009, PD&R started out with a dream and a prayer, and because of your projects and referrals we are still here today. On a daily basis, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to do work that we enjoy. Without you, we would not have this blessing and we thank you for that a thousand times over. 

-Liz & Erika

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Decorate your Table for Thanksgiving

Choose a Theme 

The first step in decorating your Thanksgiving table is to choose a theme. This will help to guide what you get for your table and let you hone in on an idea. Your theme can be anything from pumpkins, to leaves, to turkeys, or even simply a color like gold. 


Make Place Cards 

Making place cards is a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. Make sure you hand write your place cards, even if your handwriting isn't the best. This adds a personal touch that will be greatly appreciated. You can go as simple or decorative as you wish with them. Here are some fun ideas of how to display your place cards.


Stay Away from Tall Centerpieces 

One mistake that is often made is choosing a centerpiece that is too tall. Although many tall centerpieces can be very beautiful, this can get in the way of allowing all of your guests to see and talk to each other. These are some good examples of centerpieces that wont get in the way!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How to Organize your Dining Room for a Family Meal


Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors
If your dining room has turned into a catch-all for clutter, it may be difficult for your family to be motivated to have a sit down dinner there. Step one in organizing your dining room is to declutter. This means getting rid of anything that isn’t necessary for the space. Once you have tackled this feat, the rest is simple.


Create/Utilize Storage 

It is very helpful to have useful storage options in your dining room. A great way to accomplish gaining some added storage is to invest in a sideboard or buffet. This will create a space for things like china, cutlery, and any other item that can be pulled out, and used in the room. This will also create a place that can be decorated to add personality to the space. 

Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors

Set the Table 

While this sounds like an obvious step, it is often forgotten about until right before a meal. Having a nice table set at any given moment is a great motivator to actually sit down and eat at the table. You can go as simple or elaborate as you choose for the table settings. A simple runner with a centerpiece makes for a great start to decorating your table. Then just add in your plates, napkins, and silverware and you will be ready for a family meal any day of the week!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DIY Projects with Leaves

Leaf Candle Holder

Items You Will Need:

-Mason Jars

-Dried Leaves 

-Mod Podge 

-Paint Brush

First, let the leaves dry out, then cover the outside of the jar in Mod Podge. Then, place the leaves onto the wet Mod Podge and paint one more layer on top of the leaves. Let that dry, then do one more coat of Mod Podge. Once that has died overnight, overspray with acrylic spray and that is all there is to it!

Leaf Banner 

Items You Will Need:


-A Paint Pen 


First, decide what you want you banner to say, then collect that amount of leaves, plus two extras for designs on the ends. Then use your paint pen to write one letter per leaf. Then, wrap the string around the stem of the first leaf, leave about 4”- 6” between each leaf, and continue the process with all of the leaves. Hang it across your mantle or table and you are finished!

Frame Pressed Leaves 

Items You Will Need:

-Wax paper


-A few heavy books

-A frame

Gather some pretty leaves from your yard, then sandwich them in sheets of wax paper, stack a few heavy books together, and tuck the leaves into the pages of the bottom book. Leave them in the book stack for about a week, the colors will fade a little bit over time. Then just frame them and you're done! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

How to Decorate with Orange

Like last weeks blog about decorating with black, this is inspired by one of the main colors of Halloween, orange. Again, we want to share ideas with you about how to decorate with this color for more than just Halloween.

Choose Muted Shades

If you are daring enough to paint with orange, make sure it is a muted shade. If the orange is to bright and bold, it could easily overwhelm the space. Here are some examples of muted orange paint that turned out perfectly in these homes.


Pair it with its Compliment  

Pairing colors with their complimentary color can be a fantastic design choice as long as there are some neutrals mixed in to calm the space down. Blue is orange’s complimentary color, so using the two together can work beautifully. Try to stay within the same saturation when pairing the two colors. You can accomplish this by choosing an orange and blue that are on the same section of a paint color chart. 


Orange Accents 

A little nervous about jumping on the orange bandwagon? Start with using orange as simply an accent color among your decor. This can be accomplished by using orange throughout your accessories in the space. This works particularly well when paired with neutrals, as it will make the pops of orange that much more substantial. 


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

How to Decorate with Black

Black tends to be a color we associate with Halloween. We want to share ideas on how it can be used for more than just the one holiday, and really make a lasting statement in your home.  

Black Accent Wall with Colorful Art/Photos

The great thing about decorating with black is that it acts as a fantastic form of contrast. Using colorful art and/or photos on a black accent wall creates a dramatic contrast that draws your eye straight to the color.


Black Accents 

Another way to incorporate black into your decor is to use it as an accent color. These photos show great examples of how you can use black as an accent color whether it be just a little here and there, or your main accent. This creates a very chic and elegant feel in your space.  


Chalkboard Paint 

Finally, you can decorate with black by creating a chalkboard paint accent wall. This can be adorable for a child’s room where they can use their imagination to make new creations whenever their heart desires. It can also work beautifully in a kitchen as shown in the two examples below.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How to Tastefully Decorate for Halloween

If you are like us, you may be wanting to decorate for Halloween while being stylish and tasteful at the same time. While this may sound like an impossible feat, it is actually much more simple than you might think. Below, we have given some ideas of how to achieve decorating tastefully for Halloween. 

Pick up some different sized lanterns, then fill some with candles and others with small pumpkins or gourds stacked on top of each other. This creates a very elegant feel while being festive at the same time!

Here is a great rustic twist on your average Halloween display. Simply combine large wooden pumpkins with a bushel of fall foliage, and a few lanterns placed here and there on your porch. You can also incorporate real pumpkins among the display for added interest. 

White pumpkins are a fabulous way of keeping your Halloween decor on the tasteful side. You can either buy white pumpkins, or paint any color pumpkin with white paint. Adding black letters to your crisp white pumpkins creates a gorgeous contrast.

Another classy Halloween decor idea is to tie ribbons around your pumpkin’s stalk. This creates a beautiful store bought look even though they were hand made. Again, using black and white is a great alternative to your average orange, black, and purple Halloween color scheme. 

Want to get even more crafty with your Halloween decor? Buy metal or plastic address numbers that would normally go on your house, and use them to decorate your pumpkins. You can either stack them on top of each other and have your address read from top to bottom, or place them side by side and have it read left to right. 


Here is a tasteful twist on your run of the mill Halloween wreath. Believe it or not, you can make a wreath like this out of white coffee filters, a thick black ribbon, and a few black halloween stickers!