Monday, March 26, 2012

White is for more than your wedding

Lately I have been drawn to anything white.  Other than my wedding dress, I usually shy away from this color in clothing and in furniture for my own home because it is inevitable that I will spill something and stain the crisply colored fabric.  A few weeks ago I began work on a bathroom remodel for a client and white became my go-to color.  This bathroom is pretty small by today’s standards for master baths and there is not feasible way to knock out walls and expand it.   

So, I’m getting creative with ways to make it “feel” larger.  That’s where the white comes in.  Bright white, antique white and gray are the base colors for the tile, cabinet and floor.  Keeping things airy and unified will allow the space to be brighter and appear roomier.   

These are the samples of the items I’ve selected so far.  I’ll post pics when the project gets completed. 

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