Thursday, March 22, 2012

Q&A with Josh Clark of Rely Technology

New technology in home theaters and audio visual equipment are hot topics of conversation among homeowners. Many questions arise when planning for technology updates. There are so many options and many people don't know where to start. I went straight to the source, Josh Clark of Rely Technology, for some answers.  

1. What are the most popular products clients are asking you for right now?
By far the most popular product are universal remotes. Each remote is uniquely customized to make it as simple as possible for anyone in the home to use the A/V system. No more cluttered coffee tables or confusing remote instructions. Just press the "Movie" button, sit back and relax.

2. People often think “customized solutions” in the electronics world have to mean big bucks.  It’s been my experience that that is not necessarily true.  What is your take on it?
Obviously, some of our services may not be affordable for everyone, but we try our best to offer a range of products that can fit any income level. For most of the products we sell we offer our clients a good/better/best selection of options to help them find the best quality for their budget. We aren't the cheapest A/V installers, but we aren't the most expensive either. We aim to offer high quality installations at reasonable prices.

3. Lighting control is a unique addition people can put in their home.  Tell us more about that.
Lighting control is, in my opinion, the coolest thing we install. Lighting control gives you the ability to easily and instantly have just the right amount of light for any mood or activity, while saving you money and adding elegance and convenience to your home. The best way to understand it is to see it in action, so head on over to and check out our video demonstrating lighting control and explaining its benefits.

4. What is the average size TV you see in people’s homes?
It's becoming more unlikely to see anything smaller than a 42"-46" TV in a living room, where 50" and 60" sizes are now the popular choice. As new technology makes larger screens more affordable, it's commonplace for a TV upgrade to mean a larger screen. There are formulas to calculate the "optimal screen size" for a space, but in most living rooms it's almost impossible to go too big. We've never had a client say, "I wish I had gotten the smaller screen," but we hear the opposite quite often.

5. Are theater rooms still gaining in popularity?
Definitely. People are watching video content at home more than ever, especially with the arrival of so many online streaming services. They're finding that they can have just as good of a "cinema experience" (or even better) in their own home, while also investing in a space that will add value to their home and convenience to their lives.

6. What are some of the needs that drive people to call you to put in OR make changes to their AV equipment?
I'd say the top 3 reasons people call us are:
1) Simplicity. They say their A/V system is confusing, or that only one person really knows how to operate it, or "it's never really worked right." We get everything hooked up correctly, add a universal remote to make it extremely easy to use, and educate the whole family on how to do the things they want to do.
2) Aesthetics. This may just be mounting a TV and hiding the wiring, or replacing bulky speakers with subtle in-ceiling ones. Another new trend is hiding all of the equipment. It used to be popular to show off all the gear you had, but now no one wants to see it, so we're moving it all to a closet, rewiring everything and adding a wireless remote to control it all.
3) Quality. Everyone wants to have the clearest TV and the best sound with their music and movies. Now there are a variety of options, many of them affordable, for adding quality sound to any room, or for adding a TV in a nook just about anywhere.

7. What are the most important factors for people to consider when planning their homes AV capabilities?
Wiring is a big one. If you're building a home or remodeling part of your existing one, consult an A/V expert first. Tell them all of the possible things you might want to do in that space, and get the wiring put in for anything you may ever need. Wiring is cheap to add during construction, but can be difficult (and thus, expensive) to add later.
Other things to consider include energy savings, convenience, room layout, and whether a purchase will be a good investment for the future. There are so many things to consider I can't recommend enough that someone consult an A/V expert before making a big change in their home.

Company Description:
Rely Technology Group provides the Lexington, Kentucky area with expert audio/video service. Our core service line-up includes home theater, multi-room audio and video, lighting control and home automation. We aim to simplify our clients' lives by the use and enjoyment of technology. Learn more at

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