Thursday, March 15, 2012

Color Blocking

I love the current trend of color blocking!  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  It’s when you pair a few solid colored items together to create an outfit.  Here’s a great example I found on Pinterest. 

This dress combines three colors to make a bold statement!  I’m so engrossed in the trend because if you take inventory of my closet, you will see that I own a lot of solid color clothing.  Color blocking gives me an excuse to pair it all together and look chic.

Color blocking is just as popular in the home decorating world.  You can pair a few bold colors together through wall color, sofa fabric and throw pillows to create an energizing space that is beautiful to look at.  

This bed exemplifies color blocking and it has a serene, peaceful look to it.  I’m ready to curl up on it with a good book right now!

Provided everything goes as planned tonight, I will be doing some color blocking with my outfit on Saturday- some green for St Patty’s day and some blue for the UK game.

Happy color blocking to you!

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