Monday, March 19, 2012

The art of a home office

I was perusing Pinterest the other day.  At this point, you’re thinking, “again with the Pinterest”.  I know, I know.  I just can’t take my eyes away from this site!  It offers so much inspiration and great ideas for future projects.  This time I got sucked in by home offices.  It can be really tricky to carve out a space in your home designated for work.  Sometimes there isn’t a lot of spare room and you end up shoving a desk in corner of the living room or guest bedroom.  Personally, I can’t work in a cluttered space so these photos were a breath of fresh air.
 Photo from
A true working office that capitalizes on the height of the room by building in storage shelves.
 Photo from Young House Love
A window with a view makes this corner space feel larger. 

I’m always tempted to paint my office walls a bold color but I know softer shades are a more conducive work environment for me.  The soft rose and warm straw color in these pictures are pretty and not too bland.

This home office is the most creative use of space I have seen!  Take an underutilized closet or reading nook and turn it into a functional space.  Genius!
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  1. Great example pictures for a home office. I really like the creativity and home feeling of an office. I think that it makes working a bit more enjoyable.