Thursday, March 29, 2012

Every Window Needs to be Dressed

When it comes to windows, there are a lot of opinions.  Some people want to leave the windows uncovered and soak in the view.  Others want to blackout any stitch of sunshine.  And still others want to have the option to do either.  I am of the mindset that every window needs some sort of treatment.  Window treatments give the room a completed look.  When windows sit stark naked, it feels like something is missing.  Most people tend to boycott treatments because they remember the old days of draperies and sheers covering every window.  There are so many options beyond heavy draperies or even plain blinds these days. 

Non-functional drapery panels are an easy way to give the look of full draperies but not go the expense.  These panels don’t open and close, but they do frame the window nicely. The fabric coordinates with the rest of the space making the room look well-thought-out.

A unique window calls for a unique treatment.  Despite the tinting on the glass, this homeowner had trouble with the sun beating through his window.  Remote controlled fabric shades work to block out the sun when its rays are too harsh or to roll up completely when the view out the window is desired.  A pretty cornice board along the top hides the mechanics of the shades and matches the décor of the bathroom.  

For an office suite or a more contemporary home, roller shades are a great solution.  They eliminate all hassle of dusting (something I hate about blinds) and they control the light while still allowing a view.  

My point is that window treatments serve a variety of purposes- light control, privacy, aesthetics, and so on.  You would be mortified for your friends to see you naked, so don’t submit your windows to that shame.

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