Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How to Create a "Beachy" Look in Your Bathroom

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With summer arriving, beach lovers are rejoicing. For those of us who can’t get enough of the sand and salt water, bringing that beach style into your home can be a great option. Using this decor in your bathroom is a fitting place to do so because most of us want it to be a place of calm and serenity. It is easy to go overboard with the beachy items if you aren’t careful but with these simple tips you can get just the right amount of that feel that you are looking for. 

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  Use Shells in Your Décor
Collecting interesting shells is a favorite pass time of us beach-lovers. What can I do with all these gems, you ask? Put them in glass containers, like mason jars or vases, and place them in groupings throughout your bathroom! This will instantly create a beachy feel!

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  Incorporate Ropes
Ropes immediately make us think nautical when we see them used in décor. Get creative and use a rope as a towel holder to create a beach vibe in your bathroom like pictured above. Mirrors with a rope as a border and hanger is are also an interesting option that isn’t too overdone. 

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Make Your Own DIY Candle Holder
Here is a simple and cute option when going for a beachy bathroom. Pick up some glass candle holders and thin rope from your local craft store. You can then hot glue the rope to the candle holders and add starfish and twine as a decorative touch on top. 

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Select a Tranquil Paint Color
Choosing a tranquil paint color as a backdrop for your beachy bathroom is a must. The paint color in any given room truly sets the tone for the whole space. If you have conflicting décor and paint, your end result will not be nearly as impactful. The Sherwin Williams swatches shown above are all great options for your beachy bathroom.

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