Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cost-effective updates to the kids room(s) for summer

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Get them organized with labeled storage bins
One of the most important things to make a priority in the kid’s rooms is organization. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect shoes that go with an outfit for your little one and you can only find one of the two because the room is in such disarray. A great way to make organization easy and also attractive is getting storage bins and labeling them with what goes where. If you wanted to take it a step further and make it easier for your child to stay organized you could take a picture of the items that go in each particular bin. That way, they can see exactly what goes where.

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Add an artful touch without breaking the bank
Not all of us are blessed with the gift of being artistic. So instead of attempting to paint a mural on your little one’s wall, or hiring someone to do so, consider purchasing an inexpensive wall decal that can give the same effect as paint would! To choose a decal for the room, consider the child’s interests and cater it to that. Or you could always simply choose an appealing design you like. The great thing about wall decals, besides being inexpensive, is that they are easily removed! So when your child grows out of whatever they are interested in, it is no problem to take it right off.

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Create bookshelves made out of pallets
Making bookshelves for your kid’s room out of pallets is a great and very cost-effective update for their room. You can tackle this task on your own if you are a DIYer or hire someone to do so if not. These can add a great rustic touch to your kid’s room, while also encouraging your child to read! The supplies you’ll need for this project are as follows:
A pallet
An electric sander
Kilz Spray Primer
Spray paint
Swivel hangers & Hercules Hooks

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