Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Three Things to Buy this Month to Update Your Home for Summer

(Photo Credit: designsponge.com)
1.      New paint for your door, shutters, and garage
As your home has gone through these rough winter months, it has taken a beating on the exterior. One great option to freshen up your home for summer is to consider painting your door, shutters, and garage if you have one. This will up your homes curb appeal instantly and give you that fresh change for summer you may be yearning for. Even if you are just applying a fresh coat of the existing color that has been there a while you will be amazed at the difference it will make! If you are wanting an even bigger change, consider switching the color completely while still complementing the existing exterior color of your home.
2.      Fresh new bedding
Another great purchase you can make to update your home this summer is new bedding for however many rooms your budget allows. Opting for lighter, more airy colors will brighten up your home like you would not believe. This is also a great option because you can set your existing bedding aside and put it back on when the season changes again. This way you get to change up your home multiple times a year. It is a good idea to go with lighter weight bedding for the summer months, especially if you live here in Kentucky. We all know how hot and muggy it can get!
1.      Bring the Outdoors in with floral arrangements, real or faux
Placing floral arrangements around the house is a beautiful decorating touch for all year round, but in the summer months especially. Fresh flowers are always a fantastic option to keep around your home if your time and budget allows. If not however, faux arrangements are also a great option! You can purchase pre-made arrangements and break them up as you choose to fit your style and put them in your own vases. You can also purchase a faux flower that is already in a pot like a nice faux orchid for example. 

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