Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Help Dad Create a Man Cave for Father's Day

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Father’s day is coming up, and if you were to ask the majority of men what they would add to their home if they could, you can bet their answer might be a man cave. A man cave is a great way of creating a space in your home that is somewhere the man in your life can call all his own. He may feel he doesn’t get a say in most of the decorating decisions around the house or he may just want a nice little escape. Either way, creating a man cave is a great option for your home especially with Father’s Day right around the corner!

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Pick out a great recliner
No man cave is complete without a fantastic recliner that everyone in the house knows is only for the owner of the man cave. Chances are the man in your life may already have his favorite recliner that he can’t live without. In that case, relocate it to his man cave and take the opportunity to get yourself a great new chair! If he doesn’t already have one, take him shopping with you for one so he can give them all a test run. After all, comfort is most important when you are talking man caves.

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Add a game
Games are always a great addition to your man cave. The type of game you select completely depends on the interests of the man. Good choices depending on your budget are ping pong, pool, darts, oversized chess or checkers or even a slot machine! These are all great ways to make the man cave a fun area where he can hang out with his buddies.

(Photo Credit: restorationhardware.com)

Choose durable materials
As we know, things can get a little crazy when we are talking about man caves. You never know what kind of food or drink spillage may be going on in there. This is a good reason to choose durable fabrics for your furniture that can also hide stains well. In other words, stay away from any light and airy colors. If you are purchasing a rug for the space, wool is a great option because it is very durable and its stain resistant nature makes it easy to clean.

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