Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Create a Cost-Effective Outdoor Living Room

We just wrapped up a covered patio project, and not only did the clients LOVE it, but so did we. The colors were so soothing and the seating was so plush and welcoming; it really did make all of us just want to sit and enjoy the mild summer afternoon. So it got me thinking, how can I adapt this space into a more price friendly manner? So here are a few tips, tricks, and DIY projects that can help you to create the same a cost effective outdoor space for the whole family to enjoy!

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Pallet Furniture
If you’re interested in new furniture pieces, but don’t want to spend a potential arm and leg, take on this DIY project. You can adjust these instructions to make the pieces fit your space, whether you’re looking to make a chair, couch, or sectional. Just stack discarded pallets to the height wanted and secure them together with screws, cover the exposed spaces with 2 X 4s or leave them open, stain them paint them, or leave them be, throw some outdoor cushions and pillows down and you’re good to go!

Photo Credit: costalhome.blogspot.com
Layering Fabrics
While we’re on the subject of outdoor pillows and cushions, keep in mind that adding fabric to an outdoor area really does soften the space and definitely help to bring the indoors out. So go ahead throw some floor cushions down, and don’t be afraid to even hang some durable curtains on your patio. Create layers with outdoor rugs and give your outdoor living room as much dimension as possible.

Photo Credit: costalhome.blogspot.com
Adding lanterns and lamps continue to bring the inside out, extending your living space, and maximizing it’s full potential by allowing you to use the space at night.

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How about those cinderblocks?
Another brilliant and cost effective idea is painting your outdoor cinderblocks to create durable flower boxes, coffee tables, fire pits, and even seating.

Photo Credit: buzzfeed.com
Bucket Table
My last tip/DIY project is a bucket table. This is especially great for outdoor spaces because it creates extra storage, and allows you to tuck pillows and candles away so you don’t have to leave them out in the rain. Or you can even take the top off and create a cooler when entertaining.

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