Monday, January 31, 2011

(Not so Heavy) Metal

I am loving metal looks right now.  Corrugated metal walls, metal wash basins, any unexpected application of metal!  This simple element can be coupled with almost any style to add a unique flair.  See what I mean:

In this cb2 ad (for their bath accessories), I fell in love with the metal buckets being used as vessel bowl sinks.

Using a corrugated metal sheet as a wall in your home or office is a fun play on texture.  The sheen catches the eye and the bends of the metal create a fun movement.  You can pair it with bold colors for a contemporary feel or use it with antiqued and distressed finishes to create a vintage vibe.  In this photo, the metal compliments the rustic nature of the wood used in the cabin.

How funky is this corrugated metal application?  It’s definitely not yo’ momma’s white textured ceiling!


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