Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am a BIG fan of stripes! In fashion, in home decor... well really in everything!  The lines are so simple but they do so much.  Vertical stripes in clothing give the illusion that someone is taller than they really are.  Stripes in certain colorways provide a well known theme (think navy and white stripes being very nautical).  In decorating, they can add drama to a space when painted in bold contrasting colors.  Or tone on tone stripes can provide a subtle touch of movement.  Pinstripes give a space a fashionable feel, evenly spaced stripes are clean, vertical ones are traditional and tailored, wide stripes give a contemporary edge, and stripes of various widths are playful!  I love that stripes can be used in every style of design- they are universal.

Here are some photos I found inspiring.  (as a result I am now selecting my color scheme and planning to stripe my own foyer.)

Happy stripe-ing!

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