Thursday, February 3, 2011

2000 Trends

I was watching “Wall Street” (the original, not the Shia LaBouef version) with my husband over the weekend.  I always become more intrigued with a movie or TV show when a character is an interior decorator.  It isn’t a frequent occurrence, so I can’t help but get excited.  Sadly though, I am usually let down by the portrayal of my trade… but I digress.   

During the movie, Charlie Sheen’s character has Daryl Hannah’s character (the decorator) go all out on his apartment.  She uses dark green tones, gold leaf and all things art deco.  It made me chuckle at first because I thought “wow that is a horrid space!”.  Then I started thinking about all the past trends I once embraced and now despise: sponge painted walls, adorning the tops of kitchen cabinets with baskets, greenery & numerous other knick knacks, and let’s not forget the now-dreaded brass hardware.  I usually look back and describe them as the era in which they were popular (ie- that is so 80’s).  Now I can’t help but wonder what we will say is “so 2000’s”?  Maybe brushed nickel finishes, the use of glass walled showers in place of tubs with shower curtains, or maybe the resurgence of avocado and copper colored appliances.   

Whatever design elements define this decade, I am happy I get to help people find their comfort zone among the whirling tornado of trends!

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