Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Look

Happy New Year everyone!  December was a wonderful business boom, and as a result my blogging fell off.  But I'm back and ready to go for 2011!!!

As I type, people are taking down Christmas decorations and packing them away.  As the clean up winds down, they are looking around and realizing the house seems bare. It's a bit of a letdown following a magical Christmas season. I experienced the same feeling myself.  After having a tree up for 2 months, my living room seems very blah now. There was a simple solution, though- simply re-accessorizing my space.  Within an hour, I moved some chairs, reworked the bookcases and strategically placed some greenery.  Voila!  A whole new look without spending a dollar.  Suddenly I'm noticing pieces that used to blend into the background and I once again love my space!

Happy re-arranging!

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