Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tips for Decorating: How to Transform Your Space

I feel like I have slacked on the semi-weekly blog posts. So, I am double timing it today :) Over the next few weeks, I am going to share some basic tips you can apply to your own space to give it the look you want. I already addressed Framed Beauty today, so we will move down the list from there.

• Framed Beauty- A great single piece or collection of art can transform the feel of a room instantly.

• Splash of Color- The simplest way to freshen a room is to coat the walls with a great color. If you are afraid of color, try an accent wall to punch things up.

• Extra Touches- Throw pillows, vases, chargers, etc are a less expensive way to buy into a current trend.

• Dress your naked windows- Layering a light-controlling treatment (like blinds) with a decorative fabric treatment (like draperies) gives the windows a finished look that ties into the room’s decor.

• Magic Carpets- Place an area rug among a furniture grouping to define the seating area. Rugs add warmth to a space and look nice layered on any flooring type, even wall to wall carpeting.

• Re-purpose the space- If you find yourself never using a space, give it a new purpose. The builder’s floorplan may name the room one thing but it’s your house, so use it the way you want! Home theaters and game rooms are gaining in popularity.

• Spruce up your deck or patio- These days we spend as much time entertaining outside as we do inside. Outdoor kitchens are becoming an extension of our homes.

• Indulge- Your master suite is your personal haven, so treat it that way. Splurge on beautiful tiles, massaging showerheads and luxurious linens.

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