Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dress Your Naked Windows

Do you ever walk into a room and think there is something missing? Check out the windows. Chances are, that's where the problem lies. Too often we focus all our attention (and budget) on the furniture, which causes us to forget about the windows. This is a HUGE mistake!!There are a host of reasons why you should dress them- light control, privacy, to protect the pieces in the room from being faded by sunlight, to soften the architectural features, and to tie the windows into the decor of the rest of the space.

Blinds, roller shades, honeycomb shades, etc all provide light control, privacy and they protect your space from the harsh rays of the sun. Fabric treatments like valances, draperies and sheers serve to soften the windows harsh features and provide a way to incorporate the windows into the room's design. Some fabric treatments, such as roman shades, sheers and draperies, can do all of the functions listed previously.

So how do you know what works best for YOUR window?? It really depends on your lifestyle, design style preference, the amount of natural light you receive, as well as how much privacy you need. Window treatment styles and the fabric used to make them will dictate whether they evoke a formal feel or a more casual, relaxed environment. The photos above show different window treatments, both used in living rooms. Which appears more formal to you and which has a more relaxed look?

Your windows should be a reflection of the space, so dress them appropriately ;)

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