Wednesday, September 2, 2009


During my time in a waiting room yesterday, I peered around the room noticing the soothing paint color, the beautiful seat fabrics and the thoughtful children's play area in the corner. But amid all that beauty was a glaring flaw- the art was a hodge-podge of prints and their scale (overall size) didn't work in the room. This mistake gave me the desire to share with you some helpful hints on art selection and placement. We all have a variety of prints (mostly horse themed, specifically Keeneland if you live in KY), family photos and even some paintings. But how do we find the right balance when using them in our space?

When trying to fill wall space in one particular room always keep in mind:

1.Every wall doesn't require something hanging on it.

2.Don't use the same type of art on EVERY wall. Use a mix of mirrors, prints, photos and decorative metal art. (for example- On one wall, you may hang a beautiful print above the mantle, on another wall- a mirror above the sofa and a grouping of family photos above the side chairs and table on yet a different wall.)

3.When hanging a grouping of photos, prints, or anything be sure there is a commonality between each piece. This ensures that they look like they are supposed to hang together. (for example- they all have the same color frames)

4. Make sure the art fits the style of the room.

5. Mat to the picture, frame to the room. The mat serves as a way to highlight the print/picture/etc. The frame should tie that print/picture/etc into the style of the room where it will be placed. But also know that, not every piece requires a mat.

6. Remember to accessorize around the piece. I am not talking about placing sconces on either side like your grandmother did. I am talking about placing a table below the art and adding a lamp or some greenery, etc to make what you've hung on the wall belong to the rest of the room.

The pictures I have included showcase some good examples of the things I mentioned. Happy framing!

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