Friday, September 11, 2009

Extra Touches

Items such as throw pillows, vases, chargers and other accessories are an inexpensive way to buy into a current trend or design theme.

If you are trying to watch your dollars, you should purchase your major pieces of furniture in a color and fabric that will stand the test of time and coordinate well with the changing trends. Make sure the pieces are of good quality, as well, because you get what you pay for when it comes to furniture!

Take for example, the photos above (these happen to be extreme examples of what I am talking about but they do a good job of illustrating the concept). Each room begins with soft, linen colored furniture (this color is not a fad). From there, boldly colored accessories are brought in- everything from throw blankets to pillows and glassware. If the homeowner ever tires of these bold colors, they can simply remove them and bring in new items in another color scheme.

Since most of us don't have an endless budget, these tips help create a space that you won't have to re-do every 3 years. If you decide to get design help with a space, make sure the overall design suits YOU, your personal taste and lifestyle. You don't have to overindulge in a design trend, you can sprinkle it in and enjoy it just the same! Remember classic design can hold up through time and won't make you look back and ask "what was I thinking?".

Happy Accessorizing!

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