Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Three Tips for Decorating for a Derby Party

Create a Board with the Horses Names, Numbers, & Silks

Throughout the day at your Derby party, guests will be deciding who they would like to place bets on for the big race. What better way to help them out and create a cute and functional decoration all in one? Simply chose a board (ie. poster, foam, chalk), then number the horses in order with their name and a picture of their silks on the side! This is especially helpful for people like us who choose their picks solely off of the color and patter of the silks. 



 Incorporate Roses and Horseshoes Throughout the Space 

Nothing says Derby more than the combination of roses and horseshoes. These items are easy to come by and to use throughout your home as decoration. One fun way to combine the two is to scatter them along a table runner.. Another great way to combine these Derby-themed items is to buy or make a wreath for your front door out of roses in the shape of a horseshoe!



Print and Frame the Official “Derby 142” Cards

This is a fun little touch to add to all of your other Derby party decorations. Simply find the official “Derby 142” logo online and print them onto 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10 cards to be put into frames. This is a very inexpensive decoration because you can use frames you already have and just print them at home!



For more Derby party decor ideas check out this week's video here >> http://bit.ly/1M5Q2IT

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