Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gifts to Help the College Grad Create their First Post-school Space

Coffee Table Books 
Coffee table books make great gifts because the recipient can not only enjoy reading the book, but it also makes for a great piece of decor itself! Choosing the right book for the grad in your life is simple, just choose a topic that you know they are interested in (ie. cars, fashion, sports, design etc.)



Personalized Trays
Another great gift for the grad in your life is a personalized tray. You can choose to personalize it with their first name or initial. This is a great choice because trays have so many different fantastic uses that they can choose from so they can use it exactly how they need to. Any gift that is personalized is just that much more special.



Mail Organizer

A mail organizer is a perfect gift for a recent college graduate. Grown-up life can be very overwhelming with all the new bills piling up all the time. Having a designated space in your home for these can reduce the stress just by knowing exactly where they all are.



For more college grad gift ideas check out this week's video here >> http://bit.ly/1q90Gol

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