Tuesday, May 24, 2016

School is Almost Out! How to Organize Children’s Rooms for Summer Fun

Labeled Storage
Storage is key when it comes to keeping children’s rooms organized and functional while still staying fun and accessible. One of the best ways to best utilize storage is with labeled bins. For the little ones who can’t read yet, pictures of what should go inside the bins will do the trick! Try and make clear categories like blocks, books, cars, dolls, games etc. 



Create Defined Areas
Creating defined spaces is another great way to organize your child’s room for fun. Books are a huge part of many children’s rooms. Create a reading corner by putting a comfy chair or floor pillows near a bookshelf so it is clear what area you are defining. You can repeat this process with the other areas like toys, art, and games. 



Display their Art

One of the most fun ways to get your child involved with the decor that goes up in their room is by creating a display area for their artwork. It is important to make this area easily accessible for your kiddo to reach. It is also important to make this an interchangeable display. This can be accomplished by using things clipboards or clothespins to hold the art up with!



For more ideas on how to organize children's rooms, check out this week's video here

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