Monday, February 20, 2012

A Shot of Whimsy

There’s a cute local coffee shop near my house where I will often meet colleagues and friends for morning meetings.  Adjacent to said shop is a store I adore!  Street Scene offers vintage furniture, accessories, jewelry, clothes and more specifically from the 1950s, 60s and 70s.  I walk in their door and feel like I am on the set of MadMen.  I am in love with the silhouettes of all the dresses.  The scale of the furniture is divine.  I really can’t say enough positive things about this place!  

The last time I popped in, I ran across this beauty.  This chandelier might as well had “Liz” written on the price tag.  I was instantly enamored.  I mean, everything about this fixture was perfect for me- it’s pink!, simple clean lines, and its functional.  No, I didn’t buy it (and believe me it took a lot of will power to get out the door empty-handed).  I realized at the moment I had no specific use for it and no proper way to store it until I did.  But drift with me through a brain storm.  Wouldn’t this chandelier make a dainty edition to a whimsical home office?  A little girl would feel so princess-esque with this light suspended from her bedroom ceiling.  Or we could go with more conventional thinking and hang it above a dining table to serve as a shot of color in a gray, black and white damask themed dining room.  There are so many creative and fun ways to incorporate this fixture into a space.

Being the frugalista that I am, after I came up with all the places I could place this light I then started to think how I could create this light without spending very much.  Just last night I was in a home that had outdated brass light fixtures.  The couple moving into the home wanted something more youthful and fun but needed to prioritize which lights to replace first due to budgetary constraints.  What if instead of replacing the fixture, they bought some spray paint and gave the lights a face lift?  This is going to be my next personal project- find a light and give it new life with a different finish.  I’ll take lots of photos and share the process with you once it’s complete.

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