Monday, February 27, 2012

Color Scheme

Every room has one.  A great space has a well-thought-out color scheme.  But where do we start?
The most logical place to being is by selecting an area rug you want for the space.  Because of size and budget restrictions, there are far less choices of rugs than there are of paint and fabric.  Building a room from the floor up is the easiest way to create a color scheme.

If you aren’t incorporating a rug, there are some choices for your starting point.  Many people use inspiration pieces to guide them.  An inspiration piece can be anything from a photo in a magazine to a fabric that you are dying to use in the room.  I’ve even seen people get inspired by nature- their personal garden, the colors of the Kansas plain, or their favorite vacation spot.  Most recently, one client used a family heirloom painting as her inspiration piece for the colors on the first floor of her home.  All have different color palettes that can be used to create a beautiful space.  

The color wheel is another helpful tool.  If you are clueless about colors that work well together, go back to your elementary school art class.  Remember what the teacher taught us:
-Complimentary colors- colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (ie- blue & orange)
-Analogous colors- colors that appear side by side each other on the color wheel (ie-yellow-orange, yellow, and green)
-Monochromatic – using various shades of the same color (ie-plum, violet and lavender)

There are a variety of ways to create a color scheme for your space.  Which one will work best for you??

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