Thursday, February 16, 2012

How do you dress a door?

“What can I do to dress up my doors?”  That’s a question I am asked a lot.  People have trouble with knowing what type of treatment they can use on a functioning door.  Sliding doors are easy because no treatment will obstruct the opening and closing of the door.  A swinging door is a completely different story.  Most doors remain bare because of the confusion people feel.    

Depending on the issue that needs to be addressed, there are a few options.  Light control, privacy, and the desire to complete the look of a room are the top reasons people want to dress their doors.  One treatment style that does a great job of covering all these needs is a roman shade.  The shade can be made from any fabric to compliment the decor of a room and sewn to a size that custom fits a door without obstructing it's function.  I recently had two clients who wanted roman shades, but for very different reasons.  One client needed them to offer another layer of insulation to the house.  Their single paned windows were allowing cold winter air to seep in and the shade acted as an energy efficient barrier.  The other client felt her home looked bare without window treatments and she desired something that would give her more privacy at night.  Both were pleased with how this treatment solved their issues.

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