Monday, February 13, 2012

All Things Love

Ah Valentine’s Day is upon us.  In honor of tomorrow’s holiday centered around all things love I thought I would highlight things I love.  Specifically, the 5 things I love most in my house.  

5 Window Seat- It serves as additional storage which the anti-clutter part of me adores.  I also love that it gives a purpose to the bump-out in the wall.  The fun patterns and textures on the pillows help to tie the area in to the rest of the room.

4 My damask print pillow-  When we first moved here over two years ago I volunteered to host a New Year’s Eve party.  Keep in mind, we moved in mid- December.  I had all the furniture taken care of and was trying to bring in new accessories for the finishing touch.  As soon as I laid eyes on this pillow I knew it was perfect for one of our living room sofas!  I have always been drawn to damask patterns and this pillow uses it in a modern way.

3 Pewter “T”- I picked this piece while on vacation in Myrtle Beach a few years back.  I’m of the school of thought that anything to represent your initials is a must-have.  This accessory can double as a bookend or just something decorative.

2 Glasstop table-  I’m a huge fan of glass tables.  When you can see through a furniture piece it creates the illusion of invisibility thus making the space feel larger.  I love a room to be full and complete but hate when it feels cramped.  Using a glass table keeps the cramped feeling at bay. 

1 Striped Foyer- I spent hours thinking over what to do in this area.  The problem with a decorator trying to select something for herself is she knows too much.  There were so many ideas I had for the walls- I toyed with changing the paint to a bold color, adding a grasscloth wallcovering, putting in a dramatic rug.  Ultimately I was inspired by a photo I found online that showcased a wall painted in a similar striped pattern.  I chose to leave the base color the same since that’s what ran into the living room.  I used an off-white and charcoal gray to keep the color scheme sharp but modern.  I love walking in the door each day and being enveloped in these bold stripes.  Now if I could find time to paint a portrait of Mr. Wendel (my dog) to hang on the wall, the space would be complete!

What do you love about your space?  Make a list, then celebrate those things.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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