Monday, September 12, 2011

Hidden Potential

I am always on a quest to re-purpose things.  If an item has multiple uses, you can bet that I will buy it.  I'm not sure where my affinity for function is rooted, but it's rooted deep!  That's why I had to share my top three favorite pieces that are off the charts in both beauty & function!

1.  Cocktail table seating.  A storage ottoman that also serves as a bench seat during parties.  A round glass-topped table with four seats tucked below.  Either option makes a room that is short on space more useable.  I have implemented these options for clients who regularly hosted friends and needed additional seating.  The dual purpose makes me giddy!

2. Trundle Beds.  I know bigger is considered better nowadays.  But I still love twin beds, especially daybeds!  They are perfect solutions for kids or small guest rooms.  Storing a trundle underneath affords you the option of allowing the kid's friends over for slumber parties or creating a double bed when your out-of-town friends come for the weekend.

3. Serving Platters.  Pewter, ceramic, wood or glass trays have a million uses.  Of course, they come in handy for displaying yummy appetizers at parties.  But their function goes so much farther than that.  Platters can be used to adorn the top of your kitchen cabinets or dining room hutch.  They can be placed on your coffee table to serve as a gathering place for the remotes or magazines.  Resting on top of your bedroom dresser, a tray can be the gathering place for loose change, your wallet and car keys. 

If you are tight on space or a neat freak (like me!), these three pieces can completely change your space!

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