Monday, September 19, 2011

Black & White

It's black. It's white.  As I am typing, I am humming Michael Jackson's hit  (As mentioned in previous posts, everything to me related to a song).  I'm sure that you are glad this is a text post and not a video!

Enough about music, I really want to talk about the trend of using black & white in home decor.  These colors have been strong in the fashion world for the past couple seasons and now are making a big splash into the home scene.  Everything from checkerboard tile floors to mod bedding to luxurious throw pillows. 

Some people are jumping into the trend and re-doing entire rooms to reflect their love for black & white.  If you aren't so sure, start off slow.  Introduce black and white in small ways.  Ceramic accessories in these solid colors lend an air of sophistication to a bookcase.  Are you afraid of being void of color? Choose a gorgeous wall color like turquoise, use all black and white patterned fabrics in the space and top it all off with a punch of yellow in the throw pillows and accessories.  Be careful not to overdo the yellow, or it will lose it's impact.

Don't forget about Christmas decorating with these colors!  White has always been a favorite for the feel of fresh fallen snow that it provides.  Pairing black and a dash of silver with it takes the decor to a Chanel level.  Very chic, classy and beautiful.

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