Thursday, August 11, 2011

A tisket, a tasket...

..I’m obsessed with baskets!  As a child my mom called me “the bag lady”.  I collected purses and totes and even grocery bags.  I would stash them in my closet and every bag would have at least one thing in it.  While I am less of a pack-rat today, I still love great storage!  Baskets and bins are my favorites when it comes to office and home organization.  I use them to hold magazines on my bookshelf, spare blankets near the sofa, and extra knick knacks in the office. Here are a few of my favorite pieces right now:

Wire Baskets, Ballard Designs
A little rustic in feel and very functional!  Mount as many as you would like to the wall to keep clutter off your desktop.  Another great use is a mudroom.  Children’s folders or homework can be neatly stowed until the next school day.

Napa Valley CD Crates
The fact that these are now considered vintage is disturbing to me.  Nevertheless, they make great catch-alls for a bookcase. 

Fabric Lined Baskets
These baskets can serve as a collection bin for spare hangers.  Just place on top of the dryer and you will always have hangers awaiting your fresh clothes.  For bathrooms short on storage, place one of these on the floor to house extra toilet paper rolls.  It will add a bit of fancy flair to your restroom. 

Whether wood, metal or woven, baskets are our friend when it comes to de-cluttering a space.  If you are looking for a deal on your baskets, check out your local Home Goods store. 

Happy basket shopping!

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